Recap of last week

Since I have nothing new to blog about, lets post random pictures of what happen last week. (apart from the fair)

The International Business students staged a play. A story about how some people who got stranded in an Island rediscover the elements of trade and currency.

That`s Kat, playing the role of Mr World Bank. That was suppose to be a dramatic entrance and a parody of Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribean.

Another group of people is doing something in campus also. The International Students were organizing an event called Around the World in 3 days. Though, when we say international students, it`s usually the Arabs... It`s really more like Around Middle East in 3 days.

I think that`s an Iranian Dance.... or something along those lines.

Speaking about dance, the things that people do for RM 200 bucks... includes dancing and sucking on bananas in public.

Hey`s literally a banana... not 'banana'. Actually there`re two (bananas) there in the picture (one guy each.)

Why was I there? I don't know. At that point in time, I felt like being anywhere except home. So, when I came to know Siraj is going to Pure, I just jump in. As random as I maybe, it`s no surprise I randomly met people also.

And randomly taking their picture. (that's Siraj`s friend, whose name I obviously don't remember).

And by random chance, I met Suria. It was her birthday. And it was her that gave me presents (free drinks cuz it`s ladies night). Heee.... As a token of appreciation, Happy Birthday once again Suria :P

and that concludes a random post from a boring person who`s bored because he have nothing to do but be random again tomorrow.

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