Piano Etudes (Demon Fire)

I was bored (don`t ask me why I`m not doing my assignment) and I was searching for more piano videos.

I clicked piano etudes and what came out was a simulation of a Flash flash revolution (similar to Dance Dance Revolution.. and if you don`t know that either, go get a life).

I`ve always admired people who and arrange songs for games like this. I just didn`t expect that one can COMPOSE a CLASSICAL piece. This piece, called Piano Etude (Demon Fire), is arrange by the OSTER project... and it`s not difficult. It's INSANE!!!!

170-183 Crochet in a minute. That`s roungly 4 and a half note per second. Many concluded that its rather impossible to play since this audio is probably computer generated.

Right now,some game freaks and piano majors in conservatoire is attempting it. Quite a few manage to play it but none have reach the required speed. If you want to attempt it... go ahead. Here`s the music sheet. I pity your fingers.

Piano Etude sheet music

*the same piece with a stationary background (and without the annoying cheer at the end)

Enjoy :)

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