My next event.

It`s call the Cyberprenuership Fair. It is actually more like a food fair since 90% of the shops will be selling edible items.

Why am I organizing such a thing? funny enough, the motivation behind it is to score an 'A' for a subject. This fair is a compulsory event where you have to set up a stall to sell things (or sell yourself if there`s a market for it). But there`s another option if you don`t want to sell anything, you organize the whole damm thing.

Which is why I volunteered at first opportunity. And there's a mutual agreement stated that if we organized the event successfully, an A is guaranteed. Fair enough, made a few calls to a few departments and that`s one subject in the pocket.

The only thing that I didn`t expect is the people in the class. I refused to give out my phone number and yet, I still received countless call and sms asking me for details, DESPITE UPLOADING all the details online and replying their mails like 3 times a day.

I had some ppl messaging me 4 am asking what should he do to score an A in this subject. DO I LOOK LIKE YOUR FU****** lecturer!!!! Jeez...

One more week to go. Next Monday is the day... and I hope the sms and calls stop. And to the rest, come and visit us alright. More publicity will be up soon :) :)

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