More pictures

I`m horribly lazy to update my blog with all the assignments piling up. Here`s a few pictures of socials last Friday, taken from Jing En 's blog. I like her captions :) :) visit her blog for more pictures.

The Africans, Indians, Pakistani and Malaysians. Voices is one of the few clubs that can truly claim a multiracial representation.

The Indian Poker Game. *all those with spade, put a pin cloth on your nipple. Gasp.

another one, * all those with face cards smack each other's ass.. cruel game indeed.

there`s no better place to take group picture than the kitchen`s entrance. swt.

Jing En`s a lot 'shorter' than me. :P :P :P :P :P

Dale and food. It`s only natural.
Looking forward for the next one...after the exams.

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