Home BBQ Party

It`s been quite sometime since I last had a bbq at home. And it was good :)

It was a little expensive this time cuz we overspent on buying food. Though, as a result.. we had plenty of them. Lambs, chickens, sausage, corn.... (since I`m quite sick of chicken, I took mostly lambs and corn :P )

*look what`s cooking..

I`ve talked to a bunch of people who I don`t usually mingle with. I don`t remember the last time I laugh at stupid jokes and certainly, this party brings back those nostalgic feelings.
Putra attempting an erotic post

Thanks Aaron, Ivan, Muharram, Ben, Putra, Kay Lyn, Hui Yin, Yi Chong and those I'm unable to name. It was a great night.

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