Food - too much of them

While 1/3 of the world goes to bed hungry, it`s ironic that some of us have so much food sometimes.

Yesterday, the Student Publication Board had their appreciation dinner at my house. My virtue of being the president`s house mate, I get free food, not that they can finish anyway. Here`s the amount of food left after the party.

8 boxes of large pizzas, one bucket of KFC, and few dozen of sausage, nuggets and fries.

Since a lot of these food can`t be kept overnight, the few of us who's still around struggled to finish it. Then I thought of something. If only we can invent machine that can transfer leftovers immediately to the hungry. We really might solve the world hunger issue.

The problem does not only stem from lack of production. In fact, I believed the world wide production can sustain everyone. In only someone can work out the logistic, and set aside economic and political gain... pity those children who`s longing for a bowl of rice. *and Alex continues to stuff himself with another sausage.

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