Cyberprenuership Fair 07/08

The summary of the 3 crazy days.

The tents were set up from 2am till dawn. Yawnssss...

The rest of the people decorate their booth from 9am and after. Some stalls are really creative (like installing a 'windmill' )

some are crazy, like the one above. I still don`t know who`s the guy behind the paper bag. I only know for certain he`s one of the guys in my class....

I thought that was actually quite funny. :P

A total of 60 stalls, approximate 600 operators, and thousands of customers (during lunch time especially)

Poor Alex got sunburned. I became significantly darker in just one day.

But at the end of the day. it`s worth it. Despite all the complains and ruthless people.... it`s all part of the experience. For now, I`m glad that it`s over and I can finally start recuperating. (sleeping)

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