The cars that I want to own.

Aston Martin DBS

Nope, 'that' did not made me hate cars. And I still drool over those cars and wondered when I can make enough money to own them.

My parents believed that cars are just tool to get from point A to point B. Try convincing me who preferred spending 14 hours to drive to Penang using the old trunk road rather then 5 hours by Highway.

Top Gear's car of the year: Audi R8

But when the day comes where I actually have the money to buy them, I`ll be doubting. The question in my head will be, what`s the point. Having cars like this, without its insane horsepower, accelerates to 100kph in 4-5 seconds..... can you actually drive them on Malaysian roads? It`s ironic, that you're driving an awesome car that can easily go past 200kph but you spent your entire time looking at the speedometer to make sure you don`t cross the speed limit.

Driving turns into somewhat a torture. One fun part of driving is pushing the limits of the cars capability. That`s why driving a Kancil past 100 kph is actually fun. Scary yes, but fun.

Perhaps, getting a 1.3L Saga is not a bad choice after all. Economical, fast enough to not feel like
you`re going to be run over by a grandma on a bicycle, yet looks pretty decent at the same time.

and there`s a rumour that a new proton coming out soon. I kinda like the design, might be getting one of them..heee

Just hope I don`t get my license revoked.....

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