Ass. of a week.

It`s crazy how assignments (henceforth; the ass.) can pile up easily. All of a sudden, I have 6 due this week. More than 1 for each day.

- Measurement and Instrumentation long report - 15 pages.

- Thermodynamics Cooling Tower lab report - 8 pages. (of calculation.. gasp)

- Thermodynamics: Design a power cycle. - 10 pages (of calculation and DRAWING!! double gasp)

Friday (dooms day)
- Engineering Design assignment : 5 pages
- Cyberprenueship Financial Report : 10 pages.
- Measurement and Instrumentation Tutorial Assignment : 12 pages.

Really, lack of coordination in the administration causes this. You should never have 3 due dates in a day and 6 in a week. This is discounting the fact that I have a mid term next Tuesday and finals is like 2 weeks away. Better get my ass. moving now.

*I heard some had midterms and quiz this week too. Poor them.

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