27 Dresses

Through random decisions, Yi Ling, Jing En and I decided to watch a movie. And having not planned the movie earlier on, we had a problem when there are not a single available taxi and rental car in MMU.

So, we walk to MBO instead. By the time we got our tickets and popcorns, we were 5 minute late. I do hope we didn`t miss much.

Anyway, while the movie was good/funny, the best part is I can link some of the things they talked about to reality. Especially on how womens always pictures a perfect wedding. What I find troubling is, they cared very little on who the bridegroom is. They want to get married, because they want to have a wedding.

Quite honestly, I'm appalled by that. And every time I listen to someone telling me how they want to have wedding like this and like that.... I pictured a poor guy, with a blank face..... to be filled with any idiot who can afford to accommodate that fantasy.

One quote I would remember though.

"wedding is the last remaining legal means of slavery"

With no refletion whether I agree to that or not, I can`t help but laugh.

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