A Global Phenomenon

I really don`t know why this bunch of International Business students choose such a name. Have I not know that these bunch of ppl (and the course that they are taking), I thought this event would have something to do with Global Warming.

save the world!! it`s melting.

Well, this event, since it`s organize by the management students, is should be about business and trade.(at least I think so) And tomorrow, Voices (mmu`s debating society) is invited to debate on 2 motions. Something to do with Malaysia US free trade agreement, and 2nd one on the EU model. If you`re free, come and watch us debate and see how we embarrass ourself on two completely unfamiliar topic.

We do know a little of here and there, general principle of classical economics, issue with agricultural subsidies and wto.... though no so much on a contextualized area such as US-Malaysia relationship. But considering most of the people here are ignorant anyway, we might get away with those generic arguments.

Well, its time to research, do come and support us alright. And support them too. It`s their coursework marks for **** sake :)

Jon Schmidt - Pianist of the New Age

I`m truly captivated by his performance. I think words will not do him justice. Enjoy the video.

I really love the first song. It`s called All of Me. Here`s another video I found, a youtuber (Mck) attempts playing that song.

Going to try really hard to learn it.

It`s here!!

I can`t believe it. The piano's finally here. When the lorry arrive, I still can`t believe that I actually brought the piano here.

This piano belongs to my youngest aunt from my mom's side. The family member there collectively bought the piano for her. She played it for a few years and left to work, leaving the piano untouched... till I occasionally plays it when I went back to hometown.

The piano was left to rot.... Termites and rust took over and the piano have been lock up in the most horrendous ways. Tied up with raffia strings to make sure my younger cousin don`t make any 'noise' with the piano. Marks and scratches everywhere. It pains me to see such a wonderful instrument be treated like that.

*how can this happen

My aunt tried to rescue the piano but my grandma for some reason refuse to let the piano out of the house. I finally decide to give it a try myself... and on that night (the one with 5 red wine, 2 bottle of brandy and dozens of beers) I convinced my grandma to 'loan' me to piano.

I got nagged by my mom for doing so, wasting money on transporting the piano and fixing it. That didn`t stop me though. Since I did save a little bit of cash, I went to the music shop and made some arrangements.

And here it is. Right in my room. It's a little crowded now... but this is where the piano will stay for the next 2 years. One step closer in learning those Etudes.

Cover Page

Remember that Claire once commented on this. It was a picture Adelene and I took during Phillippines National Debating Championship. She said that the picture can pass for a magazine.

So my itchy hands actually gave it a try, and to my surprise.....

COVER PAGE!!!! and they even gave me RM 250 for it.... CAN YOU ACTUALLY IMAGINE THAT!!!





No of cuz you can't. It`s a scam. :P :P :P Now.. who fell for that. I got this website which can create a cover page of different magazines from Jing En's blog... superbly cool. I thought you really need to have a good looking photo to begin with. Actually any picture looks nice with the frames. Here.. visit the place if you`re interested.

Create Fake Magazine Covers with your own picture at MagMyPic.com

Bah.. if only I really have the RM 250. Can spent in on Sushi King during the promotion. :P

To rant or not to rant.

I initially wanted to whine about 3 big words that some people around me don`t even know what it means. Accountability, transparency, and liability. Then again, considering the amount of work I`ll have to do, it`s probably too mind damaging to think of a proper way to write such article.

So, blunders on this week.

1) Finance rejected 2 of my claims due to inconsistent signature.
2) Exam results for 2 of my papers are out. It sucked.
3) I skipped a 9 out of 10 hours of class the past 2 days. (but that`s not a blunder isn`t it. YES IT IS. I was.. erm.. 'sick'. )

The good things.

1) I completed most of my assignments.
2) I`ve slept more than 12 hours a day in the past 3 days.
3) I get to play the piano in the main hall for 1 hour.
4) and a phone call that my grandma`s piano will be transported here on Saturday!!!!!!!

Going to stock up on my piano scores!!! I can`t believe this is happening. :) :) :) :) :)

Be careful of what you donate

I was randomly reading the news on bbc and I stumbled upon this article

Donors accused of failing Afghans - http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/south_asia/7311972.stm

Not too interesting of a title. Especially when compared to 100 cars pile up in an accident at Austria. (100??? lol.... how can that ever happen).

Anyway, there`s one line in that 'boring' article that caught my attention.

Forty per cent of aid goes back to donor countries in consultant fees and expatriate pay, the group says.
The total amount of aid was 10 billion dollars, that`s 40 billion being leech of by people doing random statistic and "pack more cloths cuz it`s cold there" kind of advice. Jeez.

Which brings me to one of my biggest concern whenever I see a donation box. What will they use my money for. Especially one that say 'help our brothers to in Palestine" and then quote how Israel people deserve to die right under it.

To some extend, despite being poor, I don`t mind giving out money, even to those people who 'claimed' that this is for so and so orphanage. Though people might argue that this would encourage more people to do so, at least I can rest in peace, since the worst I did was to give money to someone who don't necessary deserve it.

But if those money were used to buy weapons, to cause harm.... then I`ll feel that I`m guilty for their spilled blood. I sincerely pity those victims of violence in those areas. Donate to credible organizations such as the Red Cross. I don`t know whether my fear is justified. Will someone enlighten me?

Happy Pill

I dono what 'inspired' me to put the heading as such. Happy pill. Perhaps, that`s a reflection on how desperate I am for one.

Some people believe that being happy is a choice. Some ppl also believe that being sad is also a choice. If it`s indeed a choice, it`s not a hard one to make.
Yet, for some reason, I choose on the later. Whether the choice, is made out of free will, or due to some unknown factor.. I don`t know. In fact, I overheard in a conversation that some people enjoy being depressed. It`s the first time I heard such extreme reason, and it thought that was a little and to some extend cruel. Though, scary enough, it almost seems like I`m exhibiting that form of 'extreme' behavior.
Well, things have been drag long enough. It might not be a choice of being happy or sad, but something will change. I only hope it`s for the better.

Easter, Debate and Dinner

Yes, another entry on a debate tournament. Being all happy since we did relatively well, I can`t help myself not to blog it, though I might faint due to exhaustion anytime. I`ll keep it really short though.

Just last week, most of the juniors debated for the first time. Today, with a senior-junior pairings in each team, we all did well. In fact, I didn`t expect all teams to end up in the top 5 positions. I really hope that this motivates us to do better in the future.

*Perhaps, enduring 4 hours of mass in an unfamiliar church in Shah Alam have its blessing after all :P :P On that note, Happy Easter Guys!!!!

After dropping the rest of my contingent off at Shah Alam bus station, I rushed back for a family dinner. I did not had the appetite cuz I was too tired, but when the food arrive.......

I wished I had pictures though. Abalones, shark fin soup, Butter prawn and salad chicken and more abalones......

And having eaten that much.. It`s time to hibernate. I`m going to head for Malacca at 6am tomorrow. See you guys there.

I got a mail!

As in real mail. Though I admit, it haven`t been interesting lately. Most of the time, it`s an account statement from my banks, stating I only have xxxx amount of money left. Then my mom will be querying why there's so little left........

Yesterday I got a mail from Sushi King. My first one from them actually. I totally forget that I applied for membership somewhere early of the year (or end of last). I remember getting it for the green tea cup and also a chance to write stupid stuff on the contest form. e.g. What`s your fav food- I put egg mayo, because its the cheapest.

*and coincidentally, it is my fav food though the only reason why I go to Sushi is for its green tea.

Anyway, the interesting news is that members will have this special privilege on the 7th-10th of April. Everything rice-based on the Kaiten belt will be only RM 2!! Salmon, fish roe, fried prawn.. all for RM 2 :) Now, who wants to date accompany me on 7th-10th of April :P

It`s empty!!

Writer's block. *Illustration from stickgal.blogspot.com

(no. I`m not a girl.)

Final Fantasy OST

I`m addicted to the piano version of Final Fantasy songs.

I haven`t played the game before, I might play them just to listen to all their music. I`ve been listening to this video for like the past 1 week. It might not be like 'woah!!!'.. but after listening a few times, it just makes you want to listen to it again.

I`ve already got Ju-li addicted to it. :) thought I`ll share it with everyone else.

Holiday day 1... and 2

Stayed at home. All I did:

1) Watch Nodame Drama Special in Paris.

2) Sight read 40 page of Clementi's Sonatina (that`s about 8 pieces), and remembered I really hate them.

3) Rewatch all the piano prodigy videos, and felt really stupid.

4) Went to movies with Pei Nee, and got stuck in a train packed with people coming back from work.

5) Stares blankly at the monitor.

6) Pray that my assignments will somehow by miracle, be completed without me doing it.

7) Goes back to play other random piano pieces.

I`m back home.

The MMU Malacca debating team

Phew, what a week. Exams, assignments and tournaments... I hardly sleep.

That said, I really had fun over the last weekend. It`s the first time we had 20 ppl going as one contingent to a tournament from MMU Malacca. Though it`s a all novice tournament and 'old' people like me can only sit and judge the tournament, I`m very happy that my juniors went all the way and put up a good fight.

Someone said I sound like a proud dad. That perhaps, is a complement. I really believe, that in less than a year, I`ll see them as a decent national debaters.

There should be some pictures, but I left my cabel at Malacca and the rest of the pictures are in Jing En`s camera. Will post it up once I get it from her. :)

Meanwhile... I`m back in Kajang for a week's holiday, call me out anytime.

More 'A"

Let`s first congrats those who did well. This entry is not to discredit your effort and achievements, rather a rant on our screwed up education system.

Public exams like SPM. The more 'A' the better right? Having benefited from this system, (by taking extra subject and.. again more A), I choose to remain silent. Even then, I'm starting to get grossed out.

The record this year. 21 A

To the guy. Good for you. What I do see then, it a disturbing trend of devaluing the results. For one, it`ll be so more harder to gauge... 10A1 is good., 15A1 is exceptional.. 21A? I dono...


1) Too free.
2) Too much money that you can afford extra classes for the rest of your 11 subjects.
3) What are you trying to prove with taking weird subjects like general science, blah blah blah. If you took it due to interest, fine. Taking it to prove that you can : childish, immature... but that sums up most Malaysian teens anyway.

Yet, what I`m find really wrong with this system, no one`s doing anything about it. In fact, the over glorifying of 'A' make things worse. Fact is, I believe SPM is a horrible yardstick to measure one`s intelligence. The 17A girl got kicked out from a UK university because she was unable to cope up. Shaming Malaysia and again proves that gov/scholarship provider are too stupid to realized that the number of 'A' does not mean much.

Then again, we can`t do much about it. Perhaps the cgpa evaluation is better. Let`s see who`s willing to take 20 subject if the max point is only 4.0. Heh


3 things I hope I`ll manage to do in my lifetime.

1) Complete Chopin's Etudes.
2) Develop a formula/mechanism that would solve the world`s energy crisis.
3) Own a company.

Have to keep reminding myself everyday. Am I doing enough to achieve them.

Strive, strive...and strive harder.


Sometimes I wondered what did I do that I have to lose the only positive attribute I have.

I`ve never been exceptional in sports, athletics, games, pretty much anything, but somehow, academically I fare a little better than the average. But that statement no longer holds true.

In fact, I`ve notice this for quite a while. Despite having ppl 'insisting' that I can score 4.0 with n ease..... I find it increasing difficult to even maintain a first class.. Perhaps the subjects are much harder now. There could be some truth there. Perhaps I`m more lazy ( but having been lazy all life.... I really don`t think I`m capable to be 'more' lazy).......

Then I realized that I no longer have the ability I prized so much..... the ability to listen analyze, and remember. Alright, make fun of my horrible memory all you want...... but when it comes to numbers, trends, patterns and events, things are usually crystal clear.

I never had the need to study much because I usually remember the things and examples we went through during lectures and tutorial. Hence, I don`t bring a single item to class. But now, my study pattern have differ dramatically. I began doing all my tutorials, re read my notes.... to the extend of making notes of examples and questions in class.

Such effort however, have not been fruitful. In fact, my memory have became so bad, that I`m scared. Just today, I woke up in the morning, made a entire summary on the formulas I`ll be using for the exam later. .. turns out, all the formulas I used had some minor errors.

e.g 2v became v^2..... 1 + v became 1+u ....

and the fact that I made the summary just 15 minutes before the exam. How can I not remember 3 formulas, for merely 15 minutes... something that startled me through the 1 hour examination. I was seating there. Almost desperate enough to ask the lecturer to verify my formulas. Cuz I knew, something`s not right.

The paper was easy. Too easy. I hate this kind of paper, because all you have to do, is to replace the formulas with value and you get the marks. At the same time, if you applied a wrong formula.. there goes your marks.

Right now, I don`t know what`s worst. The fact that I'll possibly get the lowest score in the class for such an easy paper... or to figure out that my memory's dying. The only consolation is that if I do lose them, and least I have this blog to remind what I`ve been through.

Malaysia made headlines again!!

I bet this time, none of us have anything to be ashame of.

Malaysian Election 2008, will be a defining moment in Malaysian political history. For those who are not aware of the news, the ruling coalition (BN) is suffering its biggest setback in history. It lost it`s 2/3 majority in parliament as well as 5 states; Penang, Kedah, Perak, Selangor and Kelantan.

Though the National Front claimed they were shocked and surprised at the results, one must be blind not to see that coming. Perhaps, they thought the fear of instability and chaos will ultimately force voters to choose BN. Apparently not. Though, to be safe, opposition parties, learning from 1969`s incident, have urge people not to celebrate..... lest the gov have a reason to call for the state of emergency.

News aside, you might wonder why the sudden change. Why the unprecedented support for opposition party. Why?

Despite all the bull analyst's report on the tv, they might get one thing right..... it not`s because the opposition gained support... the votes is simply votes of no confidence.

I personally think these are the top reasons why the citizen swinged their votes:

1) Oil price..... duh.
Gov raised the price 3 times in a year, and plan to raise another 30 sens right after the election. The contention were why Malaysian have to pay more considering the fact we are a net exporter of oil. The increase in world's oil price should be a good thing, for us.

But people don`t really care why...... all they know is, they don`t want anymore raises...for any reason. Opposition promised that, and out of desperation, the ppl buys them.

2) Freedom.
Of choice, media and religion. This 'awareness' are spearheaded by the two rally last year, Bersih's and Hindarf's. In churches, they talked about Lina`s case, the usage of the world Allah, and the seizure of bibles in the customs......

In fact, the more effort the gov spent to clam down those 'riots' and try to publicize in the mainstream media, it backed fired. Ppl eventually see the gov as being over paranoid and kiasu, and therefore, lost their confidence.

3) Keris-wielding Hishamudim.
The fact that Dap won almost every single seat being contested, (and in a few states.. they did win every single seat contested)... show that the chinese ppl no longer trust MCA to voices out for its people.

The other races fear are at the highest since independence, as their percentage are shrinking compare to Malays, and politician are issuing threats to other races... e.g. Pak Lah said on the day before polling day, " either vote for us, or you chinese people will see no representation in the cabinet".

and we haven`t even go to Hishamudin`s speech during UMNO yet.....


So, to the opposition, you have ask for a chance. Opportunity you have received. Don`t violate`s ppl's trust. Hopefully, we`ll see a better Malaysia.

Unexpected cool guy.

The former President of MMU used to entertain student`s complain to his private email. From unfair policies to love problems. He resign as of 31st of December last year. Fret not, the current president does the same... and a lot funnier.

Here`s the President`s reply to an email from a student, complaining about the gym`s equipment. (the president`s reply`s in bold)

Let's see if we can do something about this...

> About our gym in Melaka, it's an excellent gym with almost nothing to be
> complaining about. Yet true to the nature of humans, of never ending
> wants, I find reason to email regarding some facilities and equipment
> which should have seen the junkyard but are still kept in service.

I have seen many other things at MMU that should have seen the junkyard...
including humans ....

> Our Olympic barbell is* bent. *
> Before you wonder who's the strongman that can bend it, it was actually a
> bunch of international students back in 2006. They used the bar and
> dropped it right in the middle of the bench, thus bending it....

Yes, I was wonderingwho was it who bent the bar.. MMU may win the Olympics
with him... but if he's international, it will not be for Malaysia.

> So now, fast foward over a year, the bar kept bending more, gradually
> over time, making it very dangerous for usage. Many times, students find
> themselves pinned under the bar because it's unstable.

If the bar is too dangerous to lift, and it seems that the bench is
stronger, perhaps we should start lifting the bench instead..

> I've searched for a new bar in Melaka, and found a shop selling it for
> RM355. 6" Standard Oly size. That should be good enough, and if something
> can be done to enable the purchase of the bar, it will be very much
> appreciated. I've informed the MMU Flex Club members about the bar, about
> 2 semesters ago and they said they'll do something about it. It's still
> bent today.

Perhaps we can get another strongman to bend it back...

> If needed, I can contact the Weightlifting Association of Melaka as I
> used to lift with them and see if they can source us with better bars.
> That is if the question of quality is put in value by the admins.
> Also, this is something which I feel rather absurd and selfish. Someone,
>(We believe are, The FLEX members), decided to lock up a particular
> section of weights, so that we can't use it. Mr. Chua, our gym keeper,
> said it wasn't him who locked the weights, and looked equally puzzled.
> Their reasoning towards the locking of the
> weights, is because MMU students who aren't members didn't pay a cent
> for the plates, so we aren't allowed to use it. It seems, because we do
> not need the to join during member hours, we don't have the right to use
> it. I do not believe that brains and muscle are mutually exclusive, but
> the person who locked the weights sure proved me wrong.
> Dear Sir, I believe in looking at things both ways but I sincerely cannot
> think of why anybody would be so self-centered. We keep the weights
> after we're done with it. The members do not have to wait to use it,
> because we enter in different hours. Nobody would lose anything in
> letting the non-members use the plates. I hope, with proper
> consideration and discussion, we can be once again allowed to use those
> plates. Even if the purchase of a solid Olympic bar isn't authorized
> because of costs reasons, I hope the locking of the plates will not be
> allowed any further.

This is a major long one... too much to be absorbed in one go.... Though I
had always thought that brains and muscles are quite mutually exclusive
unless the muscles are in the brains or vice versa. And since when do bars
go with plates...

So, let's fast forward this request:
(i) Put it in point form. I believe it's (correct me if I'm wrong):
-- buy a new bar
-- lock up Mr. Chua (or whoever locks up them plates
(ii) List down the costs (and from where the items come from)
(iii) Find out which department is in charge (of the facilities and the
bookings -- STAD?)
(iv) Explain all these to Pn. Faziah in the President's Office in Melaka,
and she will forward it to me with the proper recommendations

> *PS*:I don't even use those plates, I stick most of my training to
> barbells and compound lifts. I'm just writing for the other students.

You're obviously talking to a non-body builder. Some people drink in bars,
I ring bells and eat from plates.... But please do the above, and we'll
try to sort this out ASAP.



Even though it`s the usual 'I`ll refer it to another department' reply, at least this one`s a good laugh. Lol

What I missed last weekend.

The highly anticipated Games Anime and Comics Convention (GACC) of 2008. Apparently it was really good, and even better than last year (though some might want to contest that).

The one highlight was the Assistant Director, Siraj cosplayed Hard Gay. Lol... In fact, it look almost like the real thing. Clearly the crowds favourite, yet he`s still denied the winner of the cos play competition because he didn`t join it (by virtue of being the assistant director). Anyway, here`s one video of HG versus Commander Chaos.

and the spectacular dance...

Siraj, respect wei.

Speech by Lim Guan Eng

Since election`s coming, and everybody`s acting as if they cared.... so here`s my part. I found this speech a couple of months back, and for some reason, I`ve saved it. Perhaps the idea of having that Malaysia we all dream of, makes this speech sounds so persuasive.


In 1963 together with our brethren from Sabah and Sarawak, we started calling ourselves Malaysians. Our nationhood was based on the 1957 Merdeka social contract that promised us much but delivered little.

50 years ago, we were promised democracy. We were promised justice. We were promised equality. We were promised rule of law. We were promised integrity. We were promised to be treated with human dignity and we were promised freedom.

We are still awaiting these promises. Why were these promises unfulfilled?

First our fundamental human rights, civil and political liberties embodied in the Federal Constitution as the highest law of the land, were slowly but surely emasculated, diminished, diluted and finally rendered meaningless by repeated constitutional amendments. As many as the years Malaysia became independent was far exceeded by the number of times our Federal Constitution was amended.

Two, those constitutional provisions that could not be amended was ignored and summarily shoved aside by a unilateral declaration by the Prime Minister on 29 September 2001 that Malaysia is an Islamic state. No heed was paid to the pronouncements made by our first three Prime Ministers prior to the 80s nor to the ruling of the highest court in our land in 1988 that the Federal Constitution clearly defines Malaysia as a secular state.

Third, the promulgation of state interventionist economic policies led by the New Economic Policy(NEP) that promoted racial preferential quotas under the pretext of equitable wealth redistribution and sanctioned political patronage and self-aggrandisement under the guise of wealth creation. Whilst the goal of the NEP was also to eradicate poverty regardless of race, the primary focus was the creation of bumiputera millionaires and an accelerated expansion of a bumi business community by all means necessary.

This primary focus gave NEP a bad name as a vehicle for corruption, cronyism and abuse of power especially when it was extended beyond its 20-year shelf life in 1990. US finance house Morgan Stanley estimated US$100 billion lost to corruption since the 1980s.

The NEP also alienated and angered many non-bumis who could not understand why they had to sacrifice for the wealthy bumis. Non-Malays are not angry with the NEP for helping poor Malays. Neither are Malays incensed with the NEP for helping poor non-Malays. What all Malaysians are furious with the NEP is that the NEP is used as a tool of crony capitalism and patronage to enrich the wealthy.

Finally, the insidious erosion of our national psyche by systematically dividing Malaysians by race and religion – bumis and non-bumis, Muslims and non-Muslims. Whilst we can blame the British for introducing this divide and rule policy, the insidious fault lines created has sheared our souls and haunts future generations by creating many nations of different races within a nation-state. Ethnicity and religious beliefs not universal values of justice will shape outcomes.

Unlike in America where everyone is an American, here in Malaysia we are either Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans or Ibans. This is probably the greatest injustice of all in refusing to treat every Malaysian equally. Bangsa, agama dan negara is only directed at one community.

We continue to be divided by the colour of our skin or the beliefs in our hearts or our political affiliations even though our blood is of the same colour. Instead of one people, one Bangsa Malaysia in a secular state we have racial dominance and an Islamic state. What is so difficult about accepting Bangsa Malaysia which was described by Mahathir “as people being able to identify themselves with the country, speak Bahasa Malaysia and accept the Federal Constitution”.

Until we revert back to Bangsa Malaysia and ketuanan Malaysia, can we reclaim our Merdeka heritage and the promises made. The damage done from such misguided policies is most obvious in the economic sphere. The foreign specialists of Malaysian affairs can not fail to be puzzled at the stubborn refusal of ordinary Malaysians, who are no less educated and intelligent than them, to see through the self-serving economic policies that are detrimental to the common good of the country.

Perhaps such inertia explains why the European Union Ambassador to Malaysia Dr Thierry Rommel was moved to severely criticize the NEP as anti-competitive, a lack of a level playing field and an unacceptable cost of doing business in Malaysia. He added, “Together with an inefficient public service, corruption and the questionable and unchecked practices of Malay preferential treatment, it had also dampened the business environment and economy of the country.”

Even the government has conceded the defects of the NEP when it exempted investors in the Iskandar Development Region in Johor from the NEP. A million Malaysians who voted with their feet by emigrating overseas for the last 35 years is the strongest indictment of the failure, injustices and discrimination of the NEP. Money lost can be earned back but human resources and brain power is irreplaceable.

These are amongst the many challenges we face in realizing the promises of Merdeka 50 years ago. What’s stopped us from overcoming them is the failure of leadership, the absence of moral courage and outrage as well as yes the smallness of our politics.

We should look at the big picture. Globalisation is upon us and yet we are so unprepared. Looking at the big picture entails an international global mindset that empowers every Malaysian with equal opportunity and not entraps us with mediocrity and mindless slogans of Towering Malaysian, Life-long Education and Islam hadhari.

To lead Malaysia into the 21st century, we need intelligent, rational and unprejudiced Malaysians that respect diversity. There is no room for MPs who are foul-mouthed or disparage minorities and demean women as sex objects. Only decent and competent Malaysians can make Malaysia better.

At a time when we are celebrating our 50th Merdeka celebrations, we should be looking forward to one national ideal grounded on democratic principles of justice, respect for human rights, freedom, integrity and human dignity. Let us transform Malaysia through Malaysian First, based on democracy, political equality, equal opportunity and social justice that ensures economic prosperity for all.

Let us transform Malaysia into a crime-free neighbourhood, especially for women and children. Malaysians should enjoy the four basic rights of security – to live, work, study and play in a safe and secure environment.

Let us transform Malaysia that pursues excellence and values our best and brightest students by rewarding them with university places and scholarships.

Let us transform Malaysia that shares our country’s wealth with workers who can live with dignity with a minimum wage.

Let us transform Malaysia that is environmentally-friendly with sustainable living consonant as one with nature and all beings created by God where orang utans, hornbills, pygmy elephants, tigers and rhinos roam freely with undisturbed abandon.

Let us transform Malaysian sports and football into a team we can take pride in, which is praised rather than pilloried as a top 50 footballing nation instead of the present lowly 150th ranking.

Let us transform Malaysia from what it is now to what it should have been as envisaged by our founding fathers by restoring the Merdeka Constitution. The original Malaysian Merdeka Constitution did not allow for preventive laws such as the ISA that sanctioned detention without trail. Neither were there repressive laws such as the Printing Presses & Publications Act and freedom of the press was sacrosanct. Not only was there independence of the judiciary, there was independence of the Elections Commission where no gerrymandering was permitted and variances in voters between constituencies were limited to only 15%. And there were local government elections then unlike now.

Let us also transform Malaysia into a civil society that is inclusive. We can no longer rely on the traditional government and business sector to fulfill our expectations and needs. To ensure that every ordinary Malaysian is allowed to participate in the democratic and political process some of the elements of civil society must be evident: free association and expression; regulated, but open and market-oriented economies; aid to the poor, orphaned, elderly, sick, or disabled; and finally, civic cultures that cherish diversity and individual freedoms but also respect human needs for community and shared visions of the common good.

Can we discard our diverse ethnic background and different religious beliefs for Bangsa Malaysia? I have faith in the common decency, respect for diversity and proper sense of justice in our fellow citizenry to believe that Bangsa Malaysia Boleh!

Only by transforming Malaysia through unification of all our hearts and souls as one Bangsa Malaysia, can we ensure prosperity and fulfill the promises made 50 years ago during those halcyon days when cries of Merdeka Merdeka Merdeka rang throughout the land.

Aspirations without accomplishments mean nothing. We must commit ourselves to do our duty with faith and without fear to accomplish our aspirations of political equality, economic prosperity shared by all in a civil society that cherishes democracy, justice and the rule of law.


It will be the first time this particular institution host a debate tournament. I went there to support. Since I`m only going there alone, I just thought I`ll chill around, say hi to some of the familiar faces, and make my move.

That was until I saw my sis, who`s there to 'learn' debating. I was rather amaze that, being expose to debate for the first time, she actually said she want to try debating.

*thats her, making stupid faces.

So, I ended up debating with her and another friend of hers. I literally prepared their speeches, but even then I was surprise that my sister actually manage to stay there for 7 minutes. So all is well in Round 1, and considering the fact that the other team`s from KLIUC, we won.

Then second round comes.. and the motions were:

1) THBT a coalition gov will serve Kenya better.
2) THBT it is time to put an end to Zimbabwe`s misery.
3) THBT Putin is .. something something ( I can`t remember exactly either).

Anyways, after looking at those motions... .I 'lol-ed'.

Hahaha.... the blank expression on their faces is.... priceless.

Flip from the past

I was looking around for something to read. I tried looking for the newspaper, but my mom already took it to her bed room. I tried looking for some old comics/ story book, my younger brother destroyed them. I tried looking for some academic text book....... naaa.. just kidding, I`m not so hardworking.

But what I did found, was my secondary school report card. Despite having the same comment on the bottom page for 5 years (it always go along the lines of "Baik, teruskan usaha anda" ).... there are some interesting trends when you look at the results.

I found out that

a) I scored A for arts, only for the first sem, and after I figure out it does not carry any weight, I`ve been failing it consistently.

b) I actually did score a B for MATHS. It`s on my first sem for Form 2, when I miss a lot of class because of appointments with my orthodontic doctor.

c) I scored A for BM in all my monthly, and semester test during form 3, but a 'B' during PMR.

and ever since, I hated the subject so much, I`ve never seen an A for that collum anymore.

and that`s the end to this random post.

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