The past 3 days had been really fun. It was so fun, that I didn`t even thought of thinking pictures.

Apart from the usual meetings, we went out yesterday for a appreciation dinner yesterday night. It stated with pizza around 8pm, arcade around 10, bowling till 12.... and clubbing (at pure) till 3.... and we stopped by McD and chilled there till 4 before we finally call it the day.

The things that are worth highlighting are :

1) I discovered Shakey's pizza actually taste better ( no.. this is not an ad for Shakey's)
2) I can`t play 'rock fever' (the arcade version o2jam type of game) under the influence of alcohol.
3) I attained my lowest bowling score since my first game 10 years ago. ( I got 67 points.. lol)
4) Cheap alco gets you there faster than the better ones.
5) Ladies night means drinks are free... if the girls are willing to get them for you. I had 9 glass :p
6) Having an 8am class the next day sucks.

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