More on NTU MUN

So how did the war went? It ended up with a cease fire and people are too lazy to discuss what to do next. Which pisses me off quite a lot. Day 2 is extremely horrible with people not wanting to discuss anything and just put everything to conclusion asap.

What I hate more is how the delegate does not play the role of their country and just simply nod in agreement. If you`re familiar about the world's politics, the following paragraph will definitely amaze you. This are quotes from the delegate of those countries.

Palestine (represented by Fatah) : Hamas is doing a better job than the government.
Indonesia : We adopt the anti Islamic stance.
China : Should Iran decide to declare war, we will lend them our nuclear weapon. (thanks)
Slovakia : (after voting yes on an issue they previously objected) We don`t know what are we voting on.
USA : We will sanction Israel..... (whatever said after that doesn`t matter as everyone in the council is shocked beyond description)
Saudi Arabia : We advocate for human right and are moving towards moderation. We will change our constitution in line with the UDHR. (this ultimately became a resolution cosigned by Russia and China. )

I nearly killed myself. Allies of our country suddenly becomes non supportive. An enemies in turn support you. Thanks god this is just a MUN. I`m pretty sure the worlds would end this very minute if these were the actual delegates. )

Well, all those bitching aside, it was still a interesting experience. I`m throughly surprised I didn`t bored/annoyed the hell out of my partner who was stuck with me for 3 whole days.

And I`m also surprised that a significant number of the delegates are only 16 years old. (they certainly don`t look like it.. I on the other hand might qualified though. Sigh)

There are tonnes of pictures in Jing En`s camera. I`m still waiting for her to send it to me. Going to bug her till she does.

WEI JING EN!! SEND THE PICTURES LAAAAAAAAAA.... pls pls pls :( *puppy eyes.

and remember that 'special' video too.

Right.... will update you guys later. Happy Chinese New Year. Visit my house on day 1 if you`re free. Take care.

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