MMU Malacca Womens Intervarsity Debating Championship

It`s been a year and a half since MMU Malacca last hosted a debate tournament. It`s just so amazing to see all the debaters traveling all the way down south (with exception to Singapore and Johor) to support us in a tournament.

The usuals debaters are of course, MMU Cyberjaya, MMU Malacca, USM, Uitm Shah Alam, University Malaya, International Islamic University, and a few unexpected university like Uitm Johor, KYSM, UUM, UDIM and Ateneo all the way from Phillippines.

*the twins fighting for a gay partner.

Though this is a women`s debate, many of the guys came down as well to support their female contingent.. so basically, it`s just so pleasant to be able to meet all these people since I`ve not seen them since Worlds, Thailand.

Organizing a tournament is quite a nightmare. I was running town with Jing En for the past few days, making sure all logistical problems are solved, making sure 100 people finds their accommodation (and it`s scattered into 3 different places, and all arrive at different time).

We stayed up till 5am and she had to debate the next morning while I have Thermodynamics replacement classes in the morning. Surviving that was in itself, a great feat.

*us waiting outside Pheonix Inn

At the end of the tournament, UM 1 won the tournament despite many of us initially thought IIU will take the trophy home. Congrats Cat, Angie and Zuliana... and also Tasnim for being the best speaker of this tournament.

Unable to participate in this tournament (by virtue of me not being a women.....though I don`t know why many are challenging that ), I can`t wait for the next IV. It`s seems like I`ve not debated for ages, and I`m starting to forget how to.

For now, it`s a good night rest cuz class's at 9am tomorrow. Yawns.


lateralus 3:29 PM  

Ateneo sent law students to this competition. One of their debaters - Karen Supnad --- used to debate for UPM during her undergrad studies.

Alex 1:43 AM  

serious? you mean the one that came are graduate students instead or undergrad?

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