Just another day at campus

I woke up late for class. It was 8.45 am.


I went back to sleep.

and I woke up again... at 11.45am. Now I`m going to be late again for my 12pm class. Took my bath and arrive class at 12.20pm.

And I was so busy sms-ing ppl, class`s over before I knew it.

Walked around campus from 3-5pm because I`m too lazy to go home. Met some friends along the way and said hi.

Met a bunch of people trying to take pictures to promote their event. Since I was bored I took pictures of them too.

I even took the picture of the person taking the pictures of them

and then it was class again.

and more meeting at 8pm...

and another meeting at 10pm

and an 'after-meeting' @ bitching at a coffee shop at 12am.

and Tuesday is now Wednesday. :)


Jehzeel Laurente 1:57 AM  

just dropped by from benj's blog hehehe :D uv been blogging since 2004! whoaaa! amazing! :)

Alex 1:15 PM  

haha.. even more amazing is that there`re still someone reading after all this years.

lateralus 10:27 PM  

Yet another AMAZING thing - I accidentally deleted the root folder of my blog. AMAZING!

Alex 2:08 AM  

ouch... there`s no way of getting them back?

lateralus 12:46 PM  

well, there is, actually. my host is just slow to fix it. hehe

lateralus 1:17 PM  

Blog's up again. Yay

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