Iran delegate`s report.

While it`s cool having the power to determine the direction of your country, it is also very taxing to have to constantly watch your words so it won`t be used against you in the near future. With reporters and other countries trying to take you down...... you feel like you`re being squeeze into an tight vacuum with no way out.

Still, once you get used to the new pressure, that`s when the fun kicks in. Especially when you start making allegations against other country and voice out. The good thing about being assigned Iran, is that you have the license to be... hmmmm.. for the lack of better word... to be an asshole.

The scenario given today, a facility in Iran being destroyed by Israel's air strike, causing 60 casualty and with toxic gas leakage, many more are expected to perish.

Outraged, I declared war on Israel... and got the whole council into unrest. Being Iran, we refuse to agree on a cease fire, until Israel possess no military offensive capability. I ended today's council, with rhetorics and since no side`s willing to compromise....... this issue will not be resolve so easily. Council adjourns and continues tomorrow.


lateralus 8:23 PM  

If I were part of this activity, I would've loved to be Iran. It's easy to grab attention and focus the spotlight on yourself when you're in khaki - and crazy. haha

Alex 7:49 PM  

Being Iran`s quite fun actually. Especially when the part I declared war and try to make allies with neighboring countries.

The only problem is that either I did that too poorly, or those stupid junior college student doesnt know their countries stance and their alliances.

This screws up the entire council.

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