Happy Valentines

The surprise this year is that, there are no surprise at all.

Its by far the most simplest valentine Adelene and I celebrated so for the past 3 years. (gosh... have it been really that long?)

I wanted to bake her some cookies, get her perfume, buy a dozen roses and bring her out for a fancy dinner. None of that happen.

I could blame it on me being sick, the horrible lecturer who force us to attend replacement classes on valentine, the crazy amount of assignments, a few events to handle and hundreds of other excuses I can think of.....

the only thing I got her, is just a stalk of rose.

what she got me instead....

a card... and some thing unexpected that comes in small package (box)

A Calvin Klein perfume. Something that I wanted to get her initially.

I felt even more horrible now. :(

Alex..you horrible horrible person.


Anonymous 6:49 PM  

Valentine is not all about buying me expensive presents and bringing me to a fancy dinner ok? I know this sounds a little cliche, but like they said.. everyday is like valentine, u dun need to wait for that day to show how much u love someone rite?? hugs* happy valentine :)

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