Chinese New Year - Day 1

It`s the time of the year again...

where for once, you`ll have no financial worries (unless you're married)

where you meet all your long lost friends...

where parents actually encourage you to gamble (for the sake of socializing)

where you don`t see any other meat except for pork.... alright.. that`s a little exaggerating, but I`m sure there`s not one meal without seeing one.

Where there`s so much free food and drink, paying RM 2 for mamak seems to be a ridiculous idea.


This new year seems to be a little more different. There are a number of significant changes when compared to last year. My house have less decoration (actually, almost no decorations at all..) because my parents and my grandma are getting older. Most of my visiting relative (usually from my grandma`s generation) are either too old to travel or dead.... or had arguments with each other.

My house became an open house for me and my sister`s friends.... so I kinda feel bad that my poor parents have to work so hard just to accommodate them. I sense that this`s probably going to be the last few years that we will be opening our doors for CNY.

Nick`s leaving for Aus soon, and many more are drifting apart. I`m actually very happy to see that 14 of them still manage to make it to my house this year. Though, no thanks for drinking most of my Heineken and Jolly Shandy. :P Hahaha.... (alex makes joke and laugh by himself.)

Another changes that gradually comes with age, is that I`m less enthusiastic about gambling. I remember the time when I was really small and I really love to gamble during new year. Partially motivated by me haven`t really lost in gambling.... I used to make it a point to set target for myself how much I must earn each year.

That came to a stop when I realized people are actually sad when they lose and all the time and effort to 'earn' those cash aren`t worth it anyway. (not when you`re this age..unless you gamble really really big.....still then, someone will get hurt)

Though, having said that.... these bunch of buggers came to my house and gamble anyway. And made banker throughout the day even when I repeatedly refused. Needless to say, I won. When those guys left on 6am, it seems that I`m the only that win... so that automatically made me 'gambling enemy no.1'. It was quite a blessing that later in the day I didn`t win that much.. so I got away with someone else being hated for winning most of the cash on the table.

Weng Kit lost quite a lot, without doubt due to the fact that he`s not wearing red.

We went to the cinema to watch CJ7 in the evening I realized then not having much sleep for the past one week took it toll on me. Flu, fever, cough and headache.. plus eye bags and pimples. If I had the slightest sense of vanity, I wouldn`t have walk out of my room.

There`s still lot to talk about... but I guess that`s all for now. May everyone have a prosperous Chinese New Year.


Clairine 12:18 AM  

happy CNY to you too!

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