7 hours of class, 7 hours of meeting.... indefinite period of frustration.

I just wonder how much of this I can take. I`m like a swaying tree, trying to go against the wind.

Just stop pushing........ it`s only a matter of time before I break. And I`m crossing the threshold, sooner than I appear to be.

Somewhere in Jaya Jusco

Unable to resist myself, I stole a teddy bear, for about a minute or so....... and placed it on the bench.

So cute... erm I mean the bear. Heeee


It`s been a little more than 8 years, since I first help you to move into my class when the teacher unfairly place you in the third one. Little do I know then, we would end up being this close.

We have went through quite a lot. From studying, going to church together, playing the piano together and all different sports, working together, and even escape death together, twice.... it`s hard to remember a time when you`re not around....

and today, it`s goodbye.

*Nick`s finally migrating to Sydney, for real. Though, this is probably not the last time I`ll be seeing him, (hopefully not)...going back to Kajang without him around will not be the same ever again.


A big family

On my mom`s side, there are insanely amount of relative. She`s the eldest of 9 and most of them are married, with a few kids. So you can only imagine the crowd on a certain occasion.

The last I saw them was for chinese new year, and barely 2 weeks, everyone`s back here to gather for my grandpa`s 80th birthday.

It was a superb dinner with lots of Brandy, Red wine, and beers. Coupled with those delicious butter prawns, it`s heavenly.

What`s really surprising, is the fact that my younger cousin ( me being the eldest anyway), are a lot taller than me. Seeing them going off to college is a reflection of how old I really am now.

and here comes the big family's picture.

Happy 80th Birthday Grandpa.


The past 3 days had been really fun. It was so fun, that I didn`t even thought of thinking pictures.

Apart from the usual meetings, we went out yesterday for a appreciation dinner yesterday night. It stated with pizza around 8pm, arcade around 10, bowling till 12.... and clubbing (at pure) till 3.... and we stopped by McD and chilled there till 4 before we finally call it the day.

The things that are worth highlighting are :

1) I discovered Shakey's pizza actually taste better ( no.. this is not an ad for Shakey's)
2) I can`t play 'rock fever' (the arcade version o2jam type of game) under the influence of alcohol.
3) I attained my lowest bowling score since my first game 10 years ago. ( I got 67 points.. lol)
4) Cheap alco gets you there faster than the better ones.
5) Ladies night means drinks are free... if the girls are willing to get them for you. I had 9 glass :p
6) Having an 8am class the next day sucks.

Just another day at campus

I woke up late for class. It was 8.45 am.


I went back to sleep.

and I woke up again... at 11.45am. Now I`m going to be late again for my 12pm class. Took my bath and arrive class at 12.20pm.

And I was so busy sms-ing ppl, class`s over before I knew it.

Walked around campus from 3-5pm because I`m too lazy to go home. Met some friends along the way and said hi.

Met a bunch of people trying to take pictures to promote their event. Since I was bored I took pictures of them too.

I even took the picture of the person taking the pictures of them

and then it was class again.

and more meeting at 8pm...

and another meeting at 10pm

and an 'after-meeting' @ bitching at a coffee shop at 12am.

and Tuesday is now Wednesday. :)

MMU Malacca Womens Intervarsity Debating Championship

It`s been a year and a half since MMU Malacca last hosted a debate tournament. It`s just so amazing to see all the debaters traveling all the way down south (with exception to Singapore and Johor) to support us in a tournament.

The usuals debaters are of course, MMU Cyberjaya, MMU Malacca, USM, Uitm Shah Alam, University Malaya, International Islamic University, and a few unexpected university like Uitm Johor, KYSM, UUM, UDIM and Ateneo all the way from Phillippines.

*the twins fighting for a gay partner.

Though this is a women`s debate, many of the guys came down as well to support their female contingent.. so basically, it`s just so pleasant to be able to meet all these people since I`ve not seen them since Worlds, Thailand.

Organizing a tournament is quite a nightmare. I was running town with Jing En for the past few days, making sure all logistical problems are solved, making sure 100 people finds their accommodation (and it`s scattered into 3 different places, and all arrive at different time).

We stayed up till 5am and she had to debate the next morning while I have Thermodynamics replacement classes in the morning. Surviving that was in itself, a great feat.

*us waiting outside Pheonix Inn

At the end of the tournament, UM 1 won the tournament despite many of us initially thought IIU will take the trophy home. Congrats Cat, Angie and Zuliana... and also Tasnim for being the best speaker of this tournament.

Unable to participate in this tournament (by virtue of me not being a women.....though I don`t know why many are challenging that ), I can`t wait for the next IV. It`s seems like I`ve not debated for ages, and I`m starting to forget how to.

For now, it`s a good night rest cuz class's at 9am tomorrow. Yawns.

Happy Valentines

The surprise this year is that, there are no surprise at all.

Its by far the most simplest valentine Adelene and I celebrated so for the past 3 years. (gosh... have it been really that long?)

I wanted to bake her some cookies, get her perfume, buy a dozen roses and bring her out for a fancy dinner. None of that happen.

I could blame it on me being sick, the horrible lecturer who force us to attend replacement classes on valentine, the crazy amount of assignments, a few events to handle and hundreds of other excuses I can think of.....

the only thing I got her, is just a stalk of rose.

what she got me instead....

a card... and some thing unexpected that comes in small package (box)

A Calvin Klein perfume. Something that I wanted to get her initially.

I felt even more horrible now. :( horrible horrible person.

Voices Recruitment Drive

Despite being horribly sick, I`m slaving my self for my clubs recruitment drive. Not exactly the best thing to do.... but I do miss the times where I stayed up late at night to decorate the booth, fighting for partitions and sitting together fishing new recruits.

Since I`m still off colour, I`ll let the pictures do the talking instead.

Oh, btw... Happy Valentine to all.

(and I want to get well soon *sobs)



The whole package. Flu, Fever, Sore Throat, Cough, Running Nose. Horrible horrible horrible. It got worst since I don`t have time to rest. New Year, recruitment drive, projects, extra classes....

I`m taking a break right now :) *naps

Chinese New Year - Day 1

It`s the time of the year again...

where for once, you`ll have no financial worries (unless you're married)

where you meet all your long lost friends...

where parents actually encourage you to gamble (for the sake of socializing)

where you don`t see any other meat except for pork.... alright.. that`s a little exaggerating, but I`m sure there`s not one meal without seeing one.

Where there`s so much free food and drink, paying RM 2 for mamak seems to be a ridiculous idea.


This new year seems to be a little more different. There are a number of significant changes when compared to last year. My house have less decoration (actually, almost no decorations at all..) because my parents and my grandma are getting older. Most of my visiting relative (usually from my grandma`s generation) are either too old to travel or dead.... or had arguments with each other.

My house became an open house for me and my sister`s friends.... so I kinda feel bad that my poor parents have to work so hard just to accommodate them. I sense that this`s probably going to be the last few years that we will be opening our doors for CNY.

Nick`s leaving for Aus soon, and many more are drifting apart. I`m actually very happy to see that 14 of them still manage to make it to my house this year. Though, no thanks for drinking most of my Heineken and Jolly Shandy. :P Hahaha.... (alex makes joke and laugh by himself.)

Another changes that gradually comes with age, is that I`m less enthusiastic about gambling. I remember the time when I was really small and I really love to gamble during new year. Partially motivated by me haven`t really lost in gambling.... I used to make it a point to set target for myself how much I must earn each year.

That came to a stop when I realized people are actually sad when they lose and all the time and effort to 'earn' those cash aren`t worth it anyway. (not when you`re this age..unless you gamble really really big.....still then, someone will get hurt)

Though, having said that.... these bunch of buggers came to my house and gamble anyway. And made banker throughout the day even when I repeatedly refused. Needless to say, I won. When those guys left on 6am, it seems that I`m the only that win... so that automatically made me 'gambling enemy no.1'. It was quite a blessing that later in the day I didn`t win that much.. so I got away with someone else being hated for winning most of the cash on the table.

Weng Kit lost quite a lot, without doubt due to the fact that he`s not wearing red.

We went to the cinema to watch CJ7 in the evening I realized then not having much sleep for the past one week took it toll on me. Flu, fever, cough and headache.. plus eye bags and pimples. If I had the slightest sense of vanity, I wouldn`t have walk out of my room.

There`s still lot to talk about... but I guess that`s all for now. May everyone have a prosperous Chinese New Year.

More on NTU MUN

So how did the war went? It ended up with a cease fire and people are too lazy to discuss what to do next. Which pisses me off quite a lot. Day 2 is extremely horrible with people not wanting to discuss anything and just put everything to conclusion asap.

What I hate more is how the delegate does not play the role of their country and just simply nod in agreement. If you`re familiar about the world's politics, the following paragraph will definitely amaze you. This are quotes from the delegate of those countries.

Palestine (represented by Fatah) : Hamas is doing a better job than the government.
Indonesia : We adopt the anti Islamic stance.
China : Should Iran decide to declare war, we will lend them our nuclear weapon. (thanks)
Slovakia : (after voting yes on an issue they previously objected) We don`t know what are we voting on.
USA : We will sanction Israel..... (whatever said after that doesn`t matter as everyone in the council is shocked beyond description)
Saudi Arabia : We advocate for human right and are moving towards moderation. We will change our constitution in line with the UDHR. (this ultimately became a resolution cosigned by Russia and China. )

I nearly killed myself. Allies of our country suddenly becomes non supportive. An enemies in turn support you. Thanks god this is just a MUN. I`m pretty sure the worlds would end this very minute if these were the actual delegates. )

Well, all those bitching aside, it was still a interesting experience. I`m throughly surprised I didn`t bored/annoyed the hell out of my partner who was stuck with me for 3 whole days.

And I`m also surprised that a significant number of the delegates are only 16 years old. (they certainly don`t look like it.. I on the other hand might qualified though. Sigh)

There are tonnes of pictures in Jing En`s camera. I`m still waiting for her to send it to me. Going to bug her till she does.

WEI JING EN!! SEND THE PICTURES LAAAAAAAAAA.... pls pls pls :( *puppy eyes.

and remember that 'special' video too.

Right.... will update you guys later. Happy Chinese New Year. Visit my house on day 1 if you`re free. Take care.

Iran delegate`s report.

While it`s cool having the power to determine the direction of your country, it is also very taxing to have to constantly watch your words so it won`t be used against you in the near future. With reporters and other countries trying to take you down...... you feel like you`re being squeeze into an tight vacuum with no way out.

Still, once you get used to the new pressure, that`s when the fun kicks in. Especially when you start making allegations against other country and voice out. The good thing about being assigned Iran, is that you have the license to be... hmmmm.. for the lack of better word... to be an asshole.

The scenario given today, a facility in Iran being destroyed by Israel's air strike, causing 60 casualty and with toxic gas leakage, many more are expected to perish.

Outraged, I declared war on Israel... and got the whole council into unrest. Being Iran, we refuse to agree on a cease fire, until Israel possess no military offensive capability. I ended today's council, with rhetorics and since no side`s willing to compromise....... this issue will not be resolve so easily. Council adjourns and continues tomorrow.

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