Exam sucks. Period.


Fine. Despite doing poorly in the last paper, there`re still reason to celebrate. Semester 2 is officially done and over with (provided I don`t fail those paper). This sem is quite lousy to look forward to as all the core subjects looks completely uninteresting.

1) Measurements and Instrumentation
2) Mechanics of Material
3) Engineering Design 2
4) Thermodynamics 2.

I`m did find thermo a litte interesting (yes, I`m that bored of a person) but not bored enough to be able to comprehend the boringness of the first 3 subject. Design could have been fine if the coodinator is some other person that the one that taught us 2 weeks and left us for holiday. Which explains why I screwed up todays paper big time.

I`m considering to launch an official complain. Though, that depends how piss off I`ll still be tomorrow morning after finish my bottle of Tia Maria`s tonight.

As for tomorrow, I`ll be leaving for NTU tomorrow for the model UN. And Jing En`s complaining why am I not nervous or scared. Probably because NTU`s a place I`m too familiar with or because most of them attending are a bunch of junior college students... or the exams have drained any mood I have left for the rest of the week.

I`ll still try to give my best though. After all, I would want my first time (of attending a MUN) to suck right :)

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