Worlds University Peace Invitational Debating Championship (WUPID)

One of the major tournament around this region before Worlds. Many teams from all over the world are already in the S.E Asia training in preparation for Assumption Worlds in just 10 days time.

The good thing about this particular tournament, is that it`s completely free. Sponsored fully by CIMB group, we get 5 night stay at Novotel, a 4 star hotel, buffets and dinner. I initially thought it`s going to be lame, so I didn`t expect much, and was extremely under dressed for the event.

picture taken from the hotel room.

Feeling all lame because all the white guys came with proper clothing... we headed over to Pavilion for 'lunch', at 4.30pm.

And I knew that was a wrong choice. Everyone was looking good and decent. I feel cheap. I`m wearing a 4 year old jacket, with torn sleeve and pocket holes. The t-shirt had been worn since I was 12 years old (yea it still fits), and the only thing that not so cheap is probably my Bata shoe, which is also probably cheap in a way. (to some ppl)

To make things worst, the dress code for that night`s event is black tie. I never knew it meant full formal, and for a moment, I thought all I need is really, a black tie.

So, I lack a formal shirt, a tux/coat/ blazer, and of course, a tie. (found out that it doesn`t have to be black after all). I have 2 hours left to get them. This necessary means, going back to Malacca to get my stuff is not an option. I resort to calling my aunts who live at Time Square to inquire if they have any of those that I can borrow.

5.15pm. 1 hour and 45 minutes left. I`m at Time Square and met my aunt there. Turns out that she doesn`t have what I look for, but something even better. Cash.

Thus, my first Christmas present for this year.....

A complete set of clothing. I tried my best not to look at the price tag, cuz my mom will definitely kill me if she finds out my aunt spent so much on me. I found out that:

The shirt cost - RM 69.90
The slacks - RM 49.90
The tie - RM 45.90
The coat - RM 467.90

and this is one of those time where I wished I suck at maths and forget how to perform addition. But just because it`s Christmas, the shopping mall decided to be nice, and after discounts, the amount went down to slightly above RM 200.

and I really want to thank my aunt for her generosity. Thanks you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks..... x10000

As a result, after a 200 ringgit make over...

I don`t feel so cheap anymore.

On to the night`s event.

The Welcoming Dinner is held in Saloma. I`ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

fancy restaurant...

some local artist...

and some foreign debaters... forget about them.. look at the food :)

Of course, nothing beats the after party. (there are no pictures as everyone`s probably too drunk to hold the camera). It`s sad really, that I`ve to miss all the debates after the 2nd day because I`ve to get back to Malacca to take my mid terms. There are so many more things to look forward in this event....

The thought of the rest of the team partying and enjoying while I`m here rotting in the exam hall makes me feel even worst.

10 more days to Worlds...... it`s too soon.

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