Say no to Nuclear Weapon.

Soka Gokai, some Buddhist organization swam CLC and bugged everyone who pass by to have a look at the exhibition. One of my classmates ranted that it`s an absolute waste of time. He claim that it`s common sense that we should not have nuclear weapon.

My eyes widen...... really? I replied. What if I tell you that nuclear weapon is essential to maintain world peace. In less that 5 minutes, he doubt what he just said.

Obviously, I was just being a devil`s advocate. Ask me what I stand for, I`ll probably say no the nuclear weapon, but that`s just be taking the easy way out and stand on moral high ground.

At the end of the day, I find the exhibition quite informative. Could have even quote some from my debates in the future. It`s a pity that my classmate choose to ignore it even after being taunted by me how little he knows. I guess generally, people just don`t care.


and those aside, I got myself a new racket. My first one, Carbonex x8, lasted me 7 years, until it snap into half due to a motorbike accident. My second one, also a Carbonex x8, lasted 3 years, before it vanish in thin air. So here`s third one, X-Calibur 327 (cool name, I know)......

Took a while to get use to it because it`s very light compared to my previous racket. Though I miss my old racket, I think I`m going to like this one. :)

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