Procedure freaks.....

I f*cking hate people who are too anal about procedures. Certain rules are need to keep things in order, but common sense tells you that it does not superceeds everything.

Already I have one lecturer who made tonnes of test and spent 40 minutes of our tutorials hour ranting how some other lecturer screwed up and cost ONE out of his FIVE test delayed. Then he proceed to come out with another long justification why he insist on having his way..yada yada yada.....

Then he made us sit according to the order of our name so it`s easier for him to take attendance....

And now a different lecturer barre me from entering the lab because I misread my lab group. I thought it was group 8, but it turns out, the technician told I`m in group 2 . (I read the wrong collum).

What pissed me off is how the lecturer just choose to ignore me, and I stood there like an idiot waiting for an anwser. Should I go back and come another day, or should I just complete the lab like usual, what will happen to the previous lab I attended (under the wrong group), should I redo my lab report.. do I need to attend the same lab again. I waited, and pestered, the lecturer refuse to answer and continue ignores me.

I left the lab.

and went straight to Prof. Rao, the coordinator for the subject.

I expected him to be even more strict with procedures (as expected from a Prof and a 60+ years old man).... What surprised me was that he don`t even care. He simply said, don`t make your life miserable and attend the next lab that`s most convienient to you.

My respect for him went up a little (tiny bit). As a token of appreciattion, I told him my CGPA which he insisted on knowing so much.

*at the very least, I get to play the piano for 2 hours which would have otherwise, spent on a very unproductive activity in the lab, reading values from the multimeters.

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