NTU Pre-Worlds

Yes yes.. another debate. If you think you`re tired of reading it.. think of how I have to actually go through them.

Might sound crazy that despite having such a cramped schedule, I still squeeze in this weekend to go to Singapore to attend another this tournament. And because it was a rather last minute plan, we don`t even have a place to stay as our usual accommodations are all filled.

In the end, only me, Siew and Han went since I can bunk it with my uncle and Siew with his Aunty. Wanted to let Han sleep in the MRT station....... which obviously didn`t happen. He stayed with me and my uncle.

So, having arrive there safely, we call it the night and slept. And it wasn`t enough as we had to get up at 7am and move to NTU. This Singaporeans buggers, under the pretext of 'practice before Worlds', made us debate 4 rounds in a day. 4!!!!!! I don`t think any tournament had ever done that before. Debating 3 rounds is already more than enough to make you faint at the end of the day.... but 4?

The best part is, that very night, they invited us to St James Power House to party... with free 9 jugs of beers and free flow of any drink. (*think Cranberry Vodka, Tequila Orange, Gins.... etc etc)... and still expect us to debate the next morning at 8am.

Hahahaha.. never gonna happen.

True enough... the Chief Adjudicator came as late as I did.. with a hangover.

Overall it was a good tournament, with good food and good socials. How they manage to provide all this with on 20 dollars rego, I have no idea.. and I`m not complaining. Anyway, check out the new mall near St James Power House, called Vivo City.

It`s the biggest mall in Singapore, situated at the entrance to Sentosa Island. Very nice architecture, especially the top floor design.

Yes, that is the top floor of the shopping mall. It has a pool which you can swim in, bigger than KLCC`s.

a Christmas tree taller than Mid Valleys. Do visit the next time you drop by Singapore.

and while you`re there, don`t miss St James Power House. Very nice club with 2 levels and a allocated dance floor.

Phew... now that I`m back in Malaysia... got to pack my bags for Thailand. Not forgetting, it`s only 24 hours to Christmas. Wee :)

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