It`s that time of the year again :)

Soon, it will be Christmas. And you know it`s going to be Christmas....

a) When shopping mall starts decorating their stores....

and I was quite taken a back, amaze at how KL`s shopping complex have developed so much, that it`s comparable to Singapore. I remembered all Mid Valley had for Christmas 8 years ago, was some dumb looking snowman on the stage.

More shopping malls are mushrooming all over KL. The Gardens, Pavillion...... and that`s not too much of a good news either. These new malls cater for the upper class society when I don`t think any family below a 5 figure income would even dare to walk into the shop, let alone purchase them.

Christmas have become more expensive again. Higher fuel price means higher transportation cost. It`s more expensive to get there, things are more expensive to buy, and people are expecting more expensive gifts.

I tried to look for Christmas presents for my family last weekend. Spent 3 days, and bought none.

Perhaps, maybe for once, under the Christmas tree this year... there will be no presents. Which might no be that bad a thing after all. :) So as long as everyone`s back for Christmas, there`re still good food to look forward for.

I can`t wait for Christmas. :)

The only thing that still remain free, taking pictures :)

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