Christmas.....soon :)

Being all the way here at Malacca means missing out a lot of the Christmas fun I used to have. No more slaving ourself and our voice for the church's choir practice. No more going around house to house singing carols.. and the pot lucks at midnight. No more hanging and decorating the Christmas trees... and getting stuck between the tangled light's wires.....

But the little Christmas experience I have starts yesterday night, with ACT (stands for A Christmas Thingy.... gosh.. who thought of such name)... and their performance. I`ll restrict myself from commenting as I only watch the later part of the play, and Adelene said the first half was really fun. A general rule is that, don`t expect and you stand to enjoy more.

and I did... and when the crew comes down from stage and wished Merry Christmas... for the first time this year... I felt it`s really Christmas :) Thanks... you guys were great...

The crews of ACT

So, what did I do when I finally realized it`s Christmas. Panic. As I have not bought a single Christmas present yet. Luckily, today`s a holiday and I have some time to do my last minute present hunting.

Adelene must poss at every decorated shopping complex...

And in MP, I found Santa Clause :)

Come to daddy...ho ho ho

And so... after 5 hours.... lots and lots of wrapped empty box presents in front of me... Weeee...

Christmas is just 5 days away. and I`ll be spending the next 3 days at Singapore till the 23rd and experience pre-christmas there :).

My Christmas wish list for this year.

1) Hope that I`m able to spend a fulfilling Christmas with my friends and family this year.
2) Hope that I don`t screw for my exam after I come back from Worlds.
3) Hope I actually learn something from Worlds and not just going there and make a fool of myself.
4) Hope that everyone will be happy.

Childish as it may seems, but I think it`s forgivable... since it`s Christmas :). Happy Christmas too all.

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