and the days just got worst.

While I would really love to rant how I screw up my exam.... again, there are some issue that are more worthy to appear here. The recent ISA detainees for example.

Having read international news, mainstream media and couple of blogs, many ppl had different opinions on this particular matter. Both side took the moral high ground and argue that they are doing the right thing. You have one that argue stability supersedes everything, while the other argue freedom should be protected at all cost.

And to be ideally, both works hand in hand. Freedom is a result of stability and also form of check and balance. Though reality, especially the government seem to send a message that both peace and freedom are mutually exclusive.

And hence, come ISA. The ultimate solution to problems that can`t be solve through proper procedure. At this point, it sounds really hypocritical that these ppl claim that we can voice out yet, if they don`t like the idea, we`ll just disappear.

Coming back to this particular issue, is it really 'padan muka' for those who got caught. To a certain extend, I was say yes. Especially after one of the leader publicly announce that "I would not rule out violence", it make perfect sense for Govt to be paranoid. In fact, I`ve always said, that those ridiculous claims and absurd statements will one day back fire. The ruling party took advantage of that and made a case against them, making them look really... erm for the lack of better word, stupid.

Nevertheless, one can never justify the use of ISA. In fact, the existence of ISA is the ultimate blunder of a democratic government. What`s the use of a election system, a parliament when the ruling party have the absolute power of the dictatorship. All forms of mechanism for check and balance are nothing more than a mere gimmick, to appease people who don`t really care in the first place.

So there you go, quote from Al-Jeezerah, " this is democracy, Malaysian style.". The message is clear. If you don`t like it, leave.

Yet, the unsung heroes are those who despite all odds, choose to stay and try to achieve the impossible. Everyone`s fighting for their own ideals.... but in different direction. The gov, the oppositions, the politic analyst... and general public. Though, until everyone unite and head the same way, we will move nowhere.


Kauntan 1:37 AM  

well said!

Kc and Yk 1:00 AM  

lets make sure we are registered as a voter, then use it!

Alex 5:59 PM  

To be frank, I have very little faith on the election system. Perhaps, I`ll just vote to satisfied my sense of duty... and nothing more.

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