The Architectures.

Assumptions University..... is not a university. It`s actually a palace. Just look at the place....

It crazily huge and yet each building is design with refine architecture and sculptures.

And already being so big, there are expanding it and building more buildings.

The building behind this is the Cathedral, which look nicer all of them in Malaysia

The university is so huge.. that we have to use a stupid looking tram to get around.

The only thing I can complain though, is that the walkways, though beautiful, doesn`t have air con.. :) I guess I`m complaining too much.. heee

One can help but ask, why are we spending so much building just buildings in a University. :)

Assumption Worlds - Day 1


We`ve arrive safely at Thailand. It took us 2 hours to get from KL to Bangkok, an another hour from Bangkok to Assumptions university. The host were extremely hospitable. There`s a fridge with unlimited supply of flavoure bottled drinks .

I would like to thank Nick and Grace for sending me to the airport :)

And so... here`s the university. :)

*the uni extends futher beyond the tower at the back.

and their swimming pools....

We`re staying in their dorms, which is more luxurious then a 4 star hotel. The toilets are better than the rooms in MMU hostels. I`m going to love this place. Will update you guys soon. :) Take care.

Merry Christmas

Since I`m either always traveling, yum cha-ing.. eating, watching movies, shopping or getting wasted.... I suppose I won`t have much time to blog.

Just a quick wish Merry Christmas to all. May everyone enjoy this festive of sharing and giving.

and a simple birthday wish to Jesus. :) Thank you so much.

Countdown to Bangkok ; 23 hours.

NTU Pre-Worlds

Yes yes.. another debate. If you think you`re tired of reading it.. think of how I have to actually go through them.

Might sound crazy that despite having such a cramped schedule, I still squeeze in this weekend to go to Singapore to attend another this tournament. And because it was a rather last minute plan, we don`t even have a place to stay as our usual accommodations are all filled.

In the end, only me, Siew and Han went since I can bunk it with my uncle and Siew with his Aunty. Wanted to let Han sleep in the MRT station....... which obviously didn`t happen. He stayed with me and my uncle.

So, having arrive there safely, we call it the night and slept. And it wasn`t enough as we had to get up at 7am and move to NTU. This Singaporeans buggers, under the pretext of 'practice before Worlds', made us debate 4 rounds in a day. 4!!!!!! I don`t think any tournament had ever done that before. Debating 3 rounds is already more than enough to make you faint at the end of the day.... but 4?

The best part is, that very night, they invited us to St James Power House to party... with free 9 jugs of beers and free flow of any drink. (*think Cranberry Vodka, Tequila Orange, Gins.... etc etc)... and still expect us to debate the next morning at 8am.

Hahahaha.. never gonna happen.

True enough... the Chief Adjudicator came as late as I did.. with a hangover.

Overall it was a good tournament, with good food and good socials. How they manage to provide all this with on 20 dollars rego, I have no idea.. and I`m not complaining. Anyway, check out the new mall near St James Power House, called Vivo City.

It`s the biggest mall in Singapore, situated at the entrance to Sentosa Island. Very nice architecture, especially the top floor design.

Yes, that is the top floor of the shopping mall. It has a pool which you can swim in, bigger than KLCC`s.

a Christmas tree taller than Mid Valleys. Do visit the next time you drop by Singapore.

and while you`re there, don`t miss St James Power House. Very nice club with 2 levels and a allocated dance floor.

Phew... now that I`m back in Malaysia... got to pack my bags for Thailand. Not forgetting, it`s only 24 hours to Christmas. Wee :)

Christmas.....soon :)

Being all the way here at Malacca means missing out a lot of the Christmas fun I used to have. No more slaving ourself and our voice for the church's choir practice. No more going around house to house singing carols.. and the pot lucks at midnight. No more hanging and decorating the Christmas trees... and getting stuck between the tangled light's wires.....

But the little Christmas experience I have starts yesterday night, with ACT (stands for A Christmas Thingy.... gosh.. who thought of such name)... and their performance. I`ll restrict myself from commenting as I only watch the later part of the play, and Adelene said the first half was really fun. A general rule is that, don`t expect and you stand to enjoy more.

and I did... and when the crew comes down from stage and wished Merry Christmas... for the first time this year... I felt it`s really Christmas :) Thanks... you guys were great...

The crews of ACT

So, what did I do when I finally realized it`s Christmas. Panic. As I have not bought a single Christmas present yet. Luckily, today`s a holiday and I have some time to do my last minute present hunting.

Adelene must poss at every decorated shopping complex...

And in MP, I found Santa Clause :)

Come to daddy...ho ho ho

And so... after 5 hours.... lots and lots of wrapped empty box presents in front of me... Weeee...

Christmas is just 5 days away. and I`ll be spending the next 3 days at Singapore till the 23rd and experience pre-christmas there :).

My Christmas wish list for this year.

1) Hope that I`m able to spend a fulfilling Christmas with my friends and family this year.
2) Hope that I don`t screw for my exam after I come back from Worlds.
3) Hope I actually learn something from Worlds and not just going there and make a fool of myself.
4) Hope that everyone will be happy.

Childish as it may seems, but I think it`s forgivable... since it`s Christmas :). Happy Christmas too all.

Worlds University Peace Invitational Debating Championship (WUPID)

One of the major tournament around this region before Worlds. Many teams from all over the world are already in the S.E Asia training in preparation for Assumption Worlds in just 10 days time.

The good thing about this particular tournament, is that it`s completely free. Sponsored fully by CIMB group, we get 5 night stay at Novotel, a 4 star hotel, buffets and dinner. I initially thought it`s going to be lame, so I didn`t expect much, and was extremely under dressed for the event.

picture taken from the hotel room.

Feeling all lame because all the white guys came with proper clothing... we headed over to Pavilion for 'lunch', at 4.30pm.

And I knew that was a wrong choice. Everyone was looking good and decent. I feel cheap. I`m wearing a 4 year old jacket, with torn sleeve and pocket holes. The t-shirt had been worn since I was 12 years old (yea it still fits), and the only thing that not so cheap is probably my Bata shoe, which is also probably cheap in a way. (to some ppl)

To make things worst, the dress code for that night`s event is black tie. I never knew it meant full formal, and for a moment, I thought all I need is really, a black tie.

So, I lack a formal shirt, a tux/coat/ blazer, and of course, a tie. (found out that it doesn`t have to be black after all). I have 2 hours left to get them. This necessary means, going back to Malacca to get my stuff is not an option. I resort to calling my aunts who live at Time Square to inquire if they have any of those that I can borrow.

5.15pm. 1 hour and 45 minutes left. I`m at Time Square and met my aunt there. Turns out that she doesn`t have what I look for, but something even better. Cash.

Thus, my first Christmas present for this year.....

A complete set of clothing. I tried my best not to look at the price tag, cuz my mom will definitely kill me if she finds out my aunt spent so much on me. I found out that:

The shirt cost - RM 69.90
The slacks - RM 49.90
The tie - RM 45.90
The coat - RM 467.90

and this is one of those time where I wished I suck at maths and forget how to perform addition. But just because it`s Christmas, the shopping mall decided to be nice, and after discounts, the amount went down to slightly above RM 200.

and I really want to thank my aunt for her generosity. Thanks you so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thanks thanks thanks thanks thanks..... x10000

As a result, after a 200 ringgit make over...

I don`t feel so cheap anymore.

On to the night`s event.

The Welcoming Dinner is held in Saloma. I`ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

fancy restaurant...

some local artist...

and some foreign debaters... forget about them.. look at the food :)

Of course, nothing beats the after party. (there are no pictures as everyone`s probably too drunk to hold the camera). It`s sad really, that I`ve to miss all the debates after the 2nd day because I`ve to get back to Malacca to take my mid terms. There are so many more things to look forward in this event....

The thought of the rest of the team partying and enjoying while I`m here rotting in the exam hall makes me feel even worst.

10 more days to Worlds...... it`s too soon.

and the days just got worst.

While I would really love to rant how I screw up my exam.... again, there are some issue that are more worthy to appear here. The recent ISA detainees for example.

Having read international news, mainstream media and couple of blogs, many ppl had different opinions on this particular matter. Both side took the moral high ground and argue that they are doing the right thing. You have one that argue stability supersedes everything, while the other argue freedom should be protected at all cost.

And to be ideally, both works hand in hand. Freedom is a result of stability and also form of check and balance. Though reality, especially the government seem to send a message that both peace and freedom are mutually exclusive.

And hence, come ISA. The ultimate solution to problems that can`t be solve through proper procedure. At this point, it sounds really hypocritical that these ppl claim that we can voice out yet, if they don`t like the idea, we`ll just disappear.

Coming back to this particular issue, is it really 'padan muka' for those who got caught. To a certain extend, I was say yes. Especially after one of the leader publicly announce that "I would not rule out violence", it make perfect sense for Govt to be paranoid. In fact, I`ve always said, that those ridiculous claims and absurd statements will one day back fire. The ruling party took advantage of that and made a case against them, making them look really... erm for the lack of better word, stupid.

Nevertheless, one can never justify the use of ISA. In fact, the existence of ISA is the ultimate blunder of a democratic government. What`s the use of a election system, a parliament when the ruling party have the absolute power of the dictatorship. All forms of mechanism for check and balance are nothing more than a mere gimmick, to appease people who don`t really care in the first place.

So there you go, quote from Al-Jeezerah, " this is democracy, Malaysian style.". The message is clear. If you don`t like it, leave.

Yet, the unsung heroes are those who despite all odds, choose to stay and try to achieve the impossible. Everyone`s fighting for their own ideals.... but in different direction. The gov, the oppositions, the politic analyst... and general public. Though, until everyone unite and head the same way, we will move nowhere.

Stress, worries and headaches..... not again

I hits me how little time I actually have, to do all the things I need to settle. Day and days of procrastination took its toll on me.

I always thought I got everything organized. That`s why I rarely worry much, just rant how my life sucks. But today, as I sit down I realized,

a) that my midterm exam is tomorrow morning, and next Monday.
b) that I haven`t even print my notes yet.
c) that I have to split between being at KL for WUPID, Midvalley for Robotics Exhibition and Malacca for exams.
d) that I have 3 letters to compose and get it signed by 4 different deans and the board of examiners.
e) that as soon as Wupid ends on Wednesday, I have to be at Singapore for NTU iv on Friday.
f) and as be back home for Christmas by Tuesday,
g) and then fly to Bangkok on Thursday.
i) and I have even a bigger issue to worry about....

Gosh, now I`m worried.. and my life sucks.... even more.

All this drains whatever excitement of going to Worlds, which is just 14 days away.

It`s that time of the year again :)

Soon, it will be Christmas. And you know it`s going to be Christmas....

a) When shopping mall starts decorating their stores....

and I was quite taken a back, amaze at how KL`s shopping complex have developed so much, that it`s comparable to Singapore. I remembered all Mid Valley had for Christmas 8 years ago, was some dumb looking snowman on the stage.

More shopping malls are mushrooming all over KL. The Gardens, Pavillion...... and that`s not too much of a good news either. These new malls cater for the upper class society when I don`t think any family below a 5 figure income would even dare to walk into the shop, let alone purchase them.

Christmas have become more expensive again. Higher fuel price means higher transportation cost. It`s more expensive to get there, things are more expensive to buy, and people are expecting more expensive gifts.

I tried to look for Christmas presents for my family last weekend. Spent 3 days, and bought none.

Perhaps, maybe for once, under the Christmas tree this year... there will be no presents. Which might no be that bad a thing after all. :) So as long as everyone`s back for Christmas, there`re still good food to look forward for.

I can`t wait for Christmas. :)

The only thing that still remain free, taking pictures :)

Its here!!!!!!

After a month of waiting. The car`s finally here. It looked better than I expect it to be.

Tinted windows, allow rims, metal gray body.... I couldn`t stop myself from driving the car the very minute I reach home ( I didn`t even bother to put my luggage in the room).

End up driving 200km in just a day. Lol. Wished I could just bring in to Malacca.... bahhhhhhh

Say no to Nuclear Weapon.

Soka Gokai, some Buddhist organization swam CLC and bugged everyone who pass by to have a look at the exhibition. One of my classmates ranted that it`s an absolute waste of time. He claim that it`s common sense that we should not have nuclear weapon.

My eyes widen...... really? I replied. What if I tell you that nuclear weapon is essential to maintain world peace. In less that 5 minutes, he doubt what he just said.

Obviously, I was just being a devil`s advocate. Ask me what I stand for, I`ll probably say no the nuclear weapon, but that`s just be taking the easy way out and stand on moral high ground.

At the end of the day, I find the exhibition quite informative. Could have even quote some from my debates in the future. It`s a pity that my classmate choose to ignore it even after being taunted by me how little he knows. I guess generally, people just don`t care.


and those aside, I got myself a new racket. My first one, Carbonex x8, lasted me 7 years, until it snap into half due to a motorbike accident. My second one, also a Carbonex x8, lasted 3 years, before it vanish in thin air. So here`s third one, X-Calibur 327 (cool name, I know)......

Took a while to get use to it because it`s very light compared to my previous racket. Though I miss my old racket, I think I`m going to like this one. :)

Procedure freaks.....

I f*cking hate people who are too anal about procedures. Certain rules are need to keep things in order, but common sense tells you that it does not superceeds everything.

Already I have one lecturer who made tonnes of test and spent 40 minutes of our tutorials hour ranting how some other lecturer screwed up and cost ONE out of his FIVE test delayed. Then he proceed to come out with another long justification why he insist on having his way..yada yada yada.....

Then he made us sit according to the order of our name so it`s easier for him to take attendance....

And now a different lecturer barre me from entering the lab because I misread my lab group. I thought it was group 8, but it turns out, the technician told I`m in group 2 . (I read the wrong collum).

What pissed me off is how the lecturer just choose to ignore me, and I stood there like an idiot waiting for an anwser. Should I go back and come another day, or should I just complete the lab like usual, what will happen to the previous lab I attended (under the wrong group), should I redo my lab report.. do I need to attend the same lab again. I waited, and pestered, the lecturer refuse to answer and continue ignores me.

I left the lab.

and went straight to Prof. Rao, the coordinator for the subject.

I expected him to be even more strict with procedures (as expected from a Prof and a 60+ years old man).... What surprised me was that he don`t even care. He simply said, don`t make your life miserable and attend the next lab that`s most convienient to you.

My respect for him went up a little (tiny bit). As a token of appreciattion, I told him my CGPA which he insisted on knowing so much.

*at the very least, I get to play the piano for 2 hours which would have otherwise, spent on a very unproductive activity in the lab, reading values from the multimeters.

The me today.

I remember there was a time where I constantly do some soul searching and do a thorough analysis of my self. Trying to define my self, my character and my weaknesses.

At least I tried.

But I haven`t do much of that lately. It`s not because I`ve achieve perfection. In fact, not even a step closer. Rather, I start doubting any change that I forced it on myself will make me a happier and a better person.

By the way things are going, it certainly isn`t.

Funny thing, when I look back on the choices I made, I don`t think any of them were the 'right' one. Of cuz there isn`t such thing to begin with, but still, people often say at the end of the day, they`ve took the right path.

From choosing to stay in Malaysia rather then a chance to go abroad,
choosing to join debates, which is one field that I suck most (save
choosing to indulge in alcohol, instead of drinking tea..and yes I love tea...... and Whiskey.
choosing a lifestyle which is completely detest...

Maybe it was all wrong choices.... or maybe, it`s simply not the end of the day yet. One will only be able to say for certain, when they take their last breath. And I really wish, at that point of time, I can say, I lead a good life.

Looking young

*the picture in the previous entry is my brother.

He`s 11 years younger than me, and very soon I believe he`ll look as old as me.

My younger sis ALREADY look older than me......

*she wasn`t stop by the blockers when she went into a club, I WAS!!!! That`s the biggest injustice in the world!!.

Siiiigggggghhhhhhhhhh.. kills self.

*those were the days where I still look like an elder brother

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