I know what I did last weekend

Like duh. (unless you`re too drunk to remember, which unfortunately, not the case) I had 2 glasses of whiskey to drown away all the horrible memories.

It sucked. Everything sucks.

From having horrible time at pool,

to no internet access

and a noob game in Dota

and getting my van scratched

and what worst; the most horrible debates I ever adjudicated.

I`ve never seen someone suck so badly and yet thought they did well. Gosh how ignorant and stupid can they be. I left the tournament the next day. I`m not wasting my time and effort going listening to torturous speeches.


On the other hand, dinner at a Thai Restaurant yesterday night was great... until the bill comes.
We had Kerabu, Siamese Mango Chicken, Black Pepper Dear Meat, Kailan with Salted Fish and Butter Prawns.

Cost us RM 25 per person. I`ve never paid that much for a meal before. Lol. Guess everything have it`s first time. At the very least, the food was good.

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