Road Trip to the North - Part 2

Finally eh?


People say, you are blessed by just being able to wake up every morning.
But waking up to this view........

*picture taken from the balcony of the apartment.

is just WHOA! It came as a surprise as we arrived when it`s pitch black during 2am and we had no idea what lies beyond our windows.

*despite being metaphoric about waking in the morning, we actually woke up around 1pm. :P

So, the highlight for today.... we decided not to go to any weird temples and cut-throat tourist destinations. Presenting, the wonders of mother nature,

It is actually part of a forest reserve in Teluk Bahang. It have the longest trekking trail in Penang. We can hike up all the way to Bukit Bendera (Penang Hill)... which of cuz, we`re not crazy enough to do so with shorts and slippers.

But we did hike... about couple of hundred meters in (and up)

*our last checkpoint, Simpang 2.

If you notice, we`re all soaking wet in the pictures. That`s simply because we found something interesting along the way......

A small area of the waterfall where no common visitor knew about it. To be frank, even if a family happen to come across it, no sane parents would allow their children to go there, as we had to pretty much 'risk' our life just to get there.

*I`m not going to post the pictures of how we had to climb to get there as parents might just freak out we actually done that.

Probably part of why it`s a little scary for me is how I fear that the girls might actually slip despite us guiding their way up there. We didn`t venture further up, and climb the waterfall as we (the guys) decided that`s just a little too much. (for the girls.. heeeeee)

Look at how they are already crying because of the cold water.... :P :P :P

*acting all macho despite the freezing waters.

At the end of the day, we really had fun here, that we almost never wanted to leave and just keep hiking. Too bad, the sun`s about to set and it`s really not advisable to trek beyond 6pm with no proper gears and not even a touch light.

We`ll miss this place.... and we`ll be back.... to trek the entire trail.

*part 3 will be out soon :P :P stay tune.


Clairine 8:22 PM  

wah so nice wish i was there :p

Adel 11:56 PM  

I dun get to go aso :( boo

Alex 12:46 AM  

i wish both of you were here. :)

One day we go holiday together la, Claire :)

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