Road Trip to the North - Part 1

All of a sudden, I felt like being kennysia writing about his Vietnam trip.

(But it somehow hit me I`m not lucky enough to travel alone with a cute chick by my side. )
Though, lucky enough to have a bunch of superb friends which are like, the best bunch of people you can go holiday with. Carefree, adventurous and anything goes.

Here`s part 1, the first 14 hour, the journey way up.


* the red line is the highway, we traveled by the BLACK line, which`re mostly trunk roads. We circled the place we stop so it`s quite easy to follow :). I`m a little tired to blog about this right now, so I`ll just posted up the grammatical-error-infested-diary which I crap up along the way on Day 1.

After finalizing our destination the night before, we set out, towards Norths.

Aaron and Muharram started about 7am, at Malacca Sentral, heading to Kajang to get a van,
which I coaxed my mom into lending me hers.

Both of them arrives approximately 10.45 am. 2 hours behind schedule. So much for the initial plan of having lunch at ipoh.
We proceed to PJ to pick Elaine up. Paid an unnecessary toll because of a misleading signboard. Wasted RM 1.30 and we spent the next
15 minutes curising SamiVelu.

11.30am arrive at PJ. Bought a RM 10.50 map at the Popular bookstore at Seksyen 14. Using the map, we head to Kuala Selangor.

12.20pm. Reach Klang. Stop at a junction where the map shows 3 Jalan Kapar. With much confusion, we flag down
a motorcyclist at the junction itself to ask for directions. "That way... don`t turn till u reach Kuala Selangor".
That`s easy isn`t it.

1.30pm Arrived at Kuala Selangor. Picked Ceyi up at her mom`s school, SMK Khaite. Had a decent seafood lunch at a restaurant inside some
plantation area.

2.30pm.Journey resumes. Next stop, Ipoh.

3.30pm. The end of the road? We took the wrong road and reach Sg Perak, where there`s no more road in front.
Stopped by for phototaking and toilet break. I sulked and refuse to drive. Aaron took over. We went back to the junction which
we missed earlier on, wasted an hour plus.

7pm. Finally arrive at Ipoh. Jing En was swimming at that time, so we waited for her at Ipoh Parade.

7.30pm. She came and her mom directed us to the famous Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun shop.

9.00pm. Shopped around the area for some local delicacy and essentials. Like slippers :) I just found out that we`re going to stay by a beach.

10.00pm Moved on to Pulau Pinang. The drive was awesome, even with this kapchai van. The slopes, the curves.. I`m definitely driving here again the next time (with a better car of course.)

12.00am. Arrived safely at Pulau Pinang, and missed the first turning to accomodation in Batu Ferringgi.

1.00am After roaming around Georgetown, making a detour to Gurney Drive, and making few wrong turnings, we finally found ourself in comfortable beds and hot shower.


We went out again directly after that for supper before actually going back to sleep. The next day was a lot more fun, and of cuz, lots of cam-whoring too. Too bad, I`ll upload them only after I come back from my tournament, which starts in 10 hours time. Got to sleeeeeeeeppppp. :( :( :( Wish me luck... again.


Anonymous 3:49 PM  

Good luck for your tournament =)Waiting for the rest of your post.

BTW I link your blog to mine d. Hehe

-Ashlynne -

Alex 1:03 AM  

haha.. don`t post ashlynne la... Ce-yi sounds good enough ma. I`ll link to yours soon enough. Once I have the time to update my blog again :)

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