Post -20yearsold- syndrome

Quote from a random BBC forumer.

The answer is for someone to announce that the largest source of oil ever found lies within Burma. Immediately you will see an American lead coalition take note and march in to "correct the problem". This will be under the clever disguise of bringing peace and democracy to an obviously uncivilised nation.



Even 1 month after my birthday, I can barely accept that I`m 20. And no one really knows I am anyway.

That was until....

'Someone' nudge me on msn and call me... Oi Abang!!!

I dono whether to be sad to be reminded that I`m old.

Or be happy that someone actually thinks I`m old.



Anonymous 11:19 PM  

cheers mate! age is nothing but dont fret about it

Adel 1:07 AM  

at least u dun come across some guy in pasar malam asking u whether I'm ur sister anot! lagi i pai seh coz i feel OLD.

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