National Health Science Debate

I know 'certain' people(s) are still waiting for me to update on the Penang Road trip. Unfortunately, I haven`t replace my card reader and I really don`t feel like blogging without the pictures.

So, here`s NHSD, the tournament that took up 3 days of my precious holidays. While I admit that the administrative and the food were superb, the tournament aspect of it really sux. Only 24 teams turns up, we were screwed over by horrible adjudication in our prelims round and it took 3 hours to finish one debate.

With no alcohol, no smoking,(no i don`t smoke) no parties, no socials, Eric said it was like a rehab. for debaters. Lol... which strangely reminds me of the Singapore debating tournaments.

Though, by the end of the tournament, I was rather frustrated, having making into the semi-finals, we lost on a split decisions by the adjudication bench. Else, I`ll be walking away with at least Rm 500 bucks in my pocket.....

Still, it is my first time breaking into the Semi-Finals of a tournament. Despite having less participation, and less senior debaters, I suppose I had to be content by acknowledging it as an achievement. Well, at least make it sound good enough to impress the Student Affairs to give us funding for the next tournament.

Bah.... still sulking.

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