Just a little bit more.

4 down. 2 more to go.

This will be the final and the steepest path to hike. Two of the hardest subject is put together within a period of 3 days. I feel like giving up already. Though, the thought of having 3 weeks of freedom pushes me to do my tutorials and read my notes again and again.

That comes with a price. The thought of holiday constantly pulls me to a wonderland, on what I`m going to do with them. What comes into my mind most of the time, is driving a new car going north. I might persuade my grandma to buy a new car just for that. Might as well as put my debating experience to 'good' use right.

I`m just joking. We intended to get a new car anyway. Just torn apart between choosing a Perodua MyVi or the new Proton Persona. Regardless, we won`t get it anytime soon though, there goes my happy,short-lived dream.

Back to studies. (I can still drive my Rusa van though :).... OI !! go back to studies laa!!) *runs.


me, myself + mIcHeLLe 11:06 PM  

how exam?

Alex 8:17 PM  

exams are over :) hope all is good. cross fingers

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