I`ve decided

how to spend my holidays. Work!. No doubt I need the money, with so much of them going into debating.

Is anyone curious about where or what I`m going to work as?.

It`s kinda sad really. A university student going to work as in Shakey`s. At least a job that I never thought I`ll do. Even if it`s only for 10 days. Come to think of it, I`ve never really work much. The last 'job' I did, as a property negotiator, (a fancy name for a apartment promoter really), wasn`t much a job.. since I didn`t land any concrete deal. (sold 6, but the company went bankrupt.)

Oh well, I`m still puzzled on how will I do tomorrow. Will I get used to working for 8 hours?. Will I get used to serving people? Will I get used to responding politely to fussy customers..... I`ll find them out tomorrow :) to be continued.....

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