Why you should use nicknames...

I never felt the need to be anonymous. While many cite different reasons why you should not let your identity be known, this particular scenario takes it to a new level and meaning.

*overheard - a conversation between MMU students.

A : Eh, you know ah, nowadays cannot simply give excuses in class already.
B : Yalor. That day my friends kena, he didn`t pass up assignment, then lecturer scold say play DOTA too much.
A : How the lecturer know???
B : That fellow stupid la, go reveal his identity during the last match....
A : Oh ya, I heard that too... the lecturer was playing in the same server!!!
A & B : *laugh their ass out.....


I sat down there, not doubting their words. In fact, I`ve seen lecturers playing those game while in office during my consultation hours. :P

In a way, I felt that the generation gap`s narrowing. I use to feel awkward when I see student having their lecturer`s msn. I, myself have been taken a back when my lecturer asked me too add her in msn if I had to ask last minute questions. (usually the night before the exams).

Though, the idea of playing game with your lecturer is still quite strange to me. Haha.. imagine halfway through you feel the need to ask a questions....

*half way through a dota game.
Student says: (sends a private message).... hey... I kinda forget what Newton`s second law is all about...mind explaining?

Lecturer says : Hmm.. the second law states...

keen1987 is beyond godlike....

Lecturer says : wait a while... keen is in the middle lane.. all gang bang him first..
Student says: ..........................


I dono, that`s just odd. Maybe what`s worst, is that you`re the one being pawned by him. It`s one thing being call dumb and stupid academically, but being called noob by your lecturer... lol

Road Trip to the North - Part 2

Finally eh?


People say, you are blessed by just being able to wake up every morning.
But waking up to this view........

*picture taken from the balcony of the apartment.

is just WHOA! It came as a surprise as we arrived when it`s pitch black during 2am and we had no idea what lies beyond our windows.

*despite being metaphoric about waking in the morning, we actually woke up around 1pm. :P

So, the highlight for today.... we decided not to go to any weird temples and cut-throat tourist destinations. Presenting, the wonders of mother nature,

It is actually part of a forest reserve in Teluk Bahang. It have the longest trekking trail in Penang. We can hike up all the way to Bukit Bendera (Penang Hill)... which of cuz, we`re not crazy enough to do so with shorts and slippers.

But we did hike... about couple of hundred meters in (and up)

*our last checkpoint, Simpang 2.

If you notice, we`re all soaking wet in the pictures. That`s simply because we found something interesting along the way......

A small area of the waterfall where no common visitor knew about it. To be frank, even if a family happen to come across it, no sane parents would allow their children to go there, as we had to pretty much 'risk' our life just to get there.

*I`m not going to post the pictures of how we had to climb to get there as parents might just freak out we actually done that.

Probably part of why it`s a little scary for me is how I fear that the girls might actually slip despite us guiding their way up there. We didn`t venture further up, and climb the waterfall as we (the guys) decided that`s just a little too much. (for the girls.. heeeeee)

Look at how they are already crying because of the cold water.... :P :P :P

*acting all macho despite the freezing waters.

At the end of the day, we really had fun here, that we almost never wanted to leave and just keep hiking. Too bad, the sun`s about to set and it`s really not advisable to trek beyond 6pm with no proper gears and not even a touch light.

We`ll miss this place.... and we`ll be back.... to trek the entire trail.

*part 3 will be out soon :P :P stay tune.

National Health Science Debate

I know 'certain' people(s) are still waiting for me to update on the Penang Road trip. Unfortunately, I haven`t replace my card reader and I really don`t feel like blogging without the pictures.

So, here`s NHSD, the tournament that took up 3 days of my precious holidays. While I admit that the administrative and the food were superb, the tournament aspect of it really sux. Only 24 teams turns up, we were screwed over by horrible adjudication in our prelims round and it took 3 hours to finish one debate.

With no alcohol, no smoking,(no i don`t smoke) no parties, no socials, Eric said it was like a rehab. for debaters. Lol... which strangely reminds me of the Singapore debating tournaments.

Though, by the end of the tournament, I was rather frustrated, having making into the semi-finals, we lost on a split decisions by the adjudication bench. Else, I`ll be walking away with at least Rm 500 bucks in my pocket.....

Still, it is my first time breaking into the Semi-Finals of a tournament. Despite having less participation, and less senior debaters, I suppose I had to be content by acknowledging it as an achievement. Well, at least make it sound good enough to impress the Student Affairs to give us funding for the next tournament.

Bah.... still sulking.

Like a terrorist.

Eolanda tagged this photo on my facebook.
It took me a while to realized where this picture was taken.

Then I saw Tim.... oh it`s the previous genting trip. Just barely 3 months ago, I felt I looked younger back then. :)

Young enough to still spent unreasonable amount of money playing the overpriced shooting game at Genting. I felt like being there again.

Road Trip to the North - Part 1

All of a sudden, I felt like being kennysia writing about his Vietnam trip.

(But it somehow hit me I`m not lucky enough to travel alone with a cute chick by my side. )
Though, lucky enough to have a bunch of superb friends which are like, the best bunch of people you can go holiday with. Carefree, adventurous and anything goes.

Here`s part 1, the first 14 hour, the journey way up.


* the red line is the highway, we traveled by the BLACK line, which`re mostly trunk roads. We circled the place we stop so it`s quite easy to follow :). I`m a little tired to blog about this right now, so I`ll just posted up the grammatical-error-infested-diary which I crap up along the way on Day 1.

After finalizing our destination the night before, we set out, towards Norths.

Aaron and Muharram started about 7am, at Malacca Sentral, heading to Kajang to get a van,
which I coaxed my mom into lending me hers.

Both of them arrives approximately 10.45 am. 2 hours behind schedule. So much for the initial plan of having lunch at ipoh.
We proceed to PJ to pick Elaine up. Paid an unnecessary toll because of a misleading signboard. Wasted RM 1.30 and we spent the next
15 minutes curising SamiVelu.

11.30am arrive at PJ. Bought a RM 10.50 map at the Popular bookstore at Seksyen 14. Using the map, we head to Kuala Selangor.

12.20pm. Reach Klang. Stop at a junction where the map shows 3 Jalan Kapar. With much confusion, we flag down
a motorcyclist at the junction itself to ask for directions. "That way... don`t turn till u reach Kuala Selangor".
That`s easy isn`t it.

1.30pm Arrived at Kuala Selangor. Picked Ceyi up at her mom`s school, SMK Khaite. Had a decent seafood lunch at a restaurant inside some
plantation area.

2.30pm.Journey resumes. Next stop, Ipoh.

3.30pm. The end of the road? We took the wrong road and reach Sg Perak, where there`s no more road in front.
Stopped by for phototaking and toilet break. I sulked and refuse to drive. Aaron took over. We went back to the junction which
we missed earlier on, wasted an hour plus.

7pm. Finally arrive at Ipoh. Jing En was swimming at that time, so we waited for her at Ipoh Parade.

7.30pm. She came and her mom directed us to the famous Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun shop.

9.00pm. Shopped around the area for some local delicacy and essentials. Like slippers :) I just found out that we`re going to stay by a beach.

10.00pm Moved on to Pulau Pinang. The drive was awesome, even with this kapchai van. The slopes, the curves.. I`m definitely driving here again the next time (with a better car of course.)

12.00am. Arrived safely at Pulau Pinang, and missed the first turning to accomodation in Batu Ferringgi.

1.00am After roaming around Georgetown, making a detour to Gurney Drive, and making few wrong turnings, we finally found ourself in comfortable beds and hot shower.


We went out again directly after that for supper before actually going back to sleep. The next day was a lot more fun, and of cuz, lots of cam-whoring too. Too bad, I`ll upload them only after I come back from my tournament, which starts in 10 hours time. Got to sleeeeeeeeppppp. :( :( :( Wish me luck... again.


I`ve no upload much image for quite sometime. I`ve nothing much to blog about too, since all I did for the pass 10 days is delivering pizzas, and washing plates.

I`m going off tomorrow. On a road trip, somewhere. Kuala Selangor, Ipoh, Tapah, Kedah, Penang, or maybe all of them.

And I`ll be back on Friday. And I`ll be attending the National Health Science Debate for the weekend. There are quite a lot of things to do :) I`m looking forward to these.

Meanwhile, I`m getting worried about the coming debate. It`s a medical debate. I`ve been avoiding bio for as long as I remember. Now I`ve to start reading on weird weird syndromes like AIS. (no, not AIDS).

Wish me luck, and fun :)

No more pizzas!! Yeah!!!

I`m done working at Shakey's. Phew. Have it not for the double pay and triple pay for the Raya weekends, I wouldn`t have work.

It hits me how little these people earn. On average, most of these people earn less than a thousand a month. I`ve asked, why do you choose to stay here? They replied, the factory workers earn even far less, an average of 400 ringgit basic per month.

I`m all for the idea of RM 1k minimal pay. Bloody businessman who sits on the top management earning millions and pay the workers so little. Shame on you.

Road Trip.


Place : Cameron Highland via Simpang Pulai.
Date : 24th of Oct.- 26th. Wed to Friday.

We need:

1) Discounted rates for accommodation. Preferably FOC.
2) A car to drive. Else, I`ve to start begging for my mom`s van.
3) People to go with.
4) Some decent alco.

Things you learn at work.

On work ethnics.

- the boss is always right, even if it`s not logical.
- don`t ask your boss any questions if possible.
- if possible, don`t be the one that deliver the bad news.

On being a good worker.

- smile always, you`ll never know who`ll tip you.
- even if they don`t tip you, they might say thank you and it seriously makes your day better.
- constantly work, even if it needs pretending, like wiping the same spot of the table over and over again.

On facts.

- your boss is an asshole. life with it.
- you`ll probably wash more plates in one night than your entire life.
- the pay is hardly worth it. Don`t work at pizza stores.

Delivery Service

I had my first experience of delivering.. pizza.

The rider was away for Raya break, so I had a chance to fill up that post. It`s superb really, I get to escape from the usual duties, and still get paid, and even RM 2 for each delivery.

Though, the only place I deliver is around Bukit Beruang. This is bad because:

1) I just might bump into people I know.... and I`m pretty sure they`ll ridicule me for a long long time.

2) Most of orders are students, which means, stingy pokers who never tip.

Too bad, the permanent worker is back. Go holiday a little longer la......

The pizza guy

It`s been a few days working as the pizza guy. It was extremely tiring, but never bored. There`s always something to do; serve the customer, take orders, serving food, making drinks, serving drink, washing the dishes, rearranging stuff, make ice cream.. yada yada yada. There`s just something to do everytime.

Adelene serving pizzas.

I had fun nicking food from the kitchen working my ass off for 10 hours or so. As long as the big guy is not around, everyone`s quite happy doing their work, even when the air con broke down.

*muharram having his break.

But, it still is tiring. Can't wait to get my hands on my pay check. We get triple pay for Hari Raya. Yipee ;)

You are a Winner!!

Dear Winners,
We are happy to inform that you have been selected as one of the Friendster “Your Style, Your Studio contest” Consolation Prize winner.

If that doesn`t look like a spam, I don`t know what is.

But it doesn`t go to my bulk mail, so I startle for a while, and I kinda remember that Adelene joined some fashion/drawing competition or some sorts in friendster something ago. So... I clicked the link.


And I saw three familiar names.

First Prize, (1 Ipod 8gb)
Tan Dae Ren

Second Prize,(1 Philip Mp4 player)
Adelene Yeo

Third/ Consolation (100 ringgit voucher)
Alexander Loh (what the hell???)

*alex calls adelene....

hp ringging : toot tooot
Lene : alooo
alex : oi.. you won some the Loreal something competition. First place Dae Ren, Second place you, and consolation me. How come my name also there one.
Lene : Oh REALLY??? I used Dae Ren`s account and your account also so I can send more than one entry. Lol.
Alex : Why didn`t send more.. maybe can win the grand prize, (which is a k810 hp).
Lene : Cannot greedy.. Win 3 prize already.
Alex : K la, I`ll go kl and collect the prize for you... btw, can I have the Ipod???
hp tone : toot toot toot toot.... silence.

*the conversation is kinda made up.. obviously she didn`t hung up on me. lol. I suppose she`s still jumping around having won all the prizes except the grand prize. I`m happy too, cuz last I heard she`ll lend me the Ipod. heeeeeeeee

now.. what should I label this post as..

I`ve decided

how to spend my holidays. Work!. No doubt I need the money, with so much of them going into debating.

Is anyone curious about where or what I`m going to work as?.

It`s kinda sad really. A university student going to work as in Shakey`s. At least a job that I never thought I`ll do. Even if it`s only for 10 days. Come to think of it, I`ve never really work much. The last 'job' I did, as a property negotiator, (a fancy name for a apartment promoter really), wasn`t much a job.. since I didn`t land any concrete deal. (sold 6, but the company went bankrupt.)

Oh well, I`m still puzzled on how will I do tomorrow. Will I get used to working for 8 hours?. Will I get used to serving people? Will I get used to responding politely to fussy customers..... I`ll find them out tomorrow :) to be continued.....

3 weeks of holidays begins now.

I just realized that I`ve been spending the last half a month in the library studying (online/chatting, actually). Still, that`s a rather good progress in my 'effort' to study more. Though, whether that effort will reward at the end of the day, that`s a different story.

The last paper of my Gamma year, Semester 1 ended at approximately 11am. I`m quite happy that it`s not one of the papers that I`ll curse my ass off because of some fu*ked up mistake I did. Though, if only my coursework marks were higher.. I would have my mind at ease for the rest of the holidays.

Regardless, I`m going to make full use of my short holiday. I initially wanted to work, to supplement my spendings on late night suppers and travels. Though, that plan was foiled due to last minute decision. So, I suppose I can find other stuff to do for the next 25 days or so.. like sleep.

I celebrated my new-short-freedom at Havanah Cafe, which serves horrible cordon blue chicken, and at Pure Bar, which is insanely packed with familiar faces. One good thing being in Malacca is that, the town is so small, that you don`t need to make prior arrangement to go to club.. You`ll find them there anyway. I`ve met no less than 20 different people from different groups at Pure Bar today, and I got introduced to their friends, which I really don`t bother to know their names. That makes 50+ ppl I met today.

The bad thing is that, you`ll meet people you don`t want to meet too. Like one asshole...which.. nvm. Forget that.

Still, it was a good night, of cuz, with the help of Malibu Pineapple, Tequila Sunrise, Barleys, Margarita and some beers. Cheers :)

Just a little bit more.

4 down. 2 more to go.

This will be the final and the steepest path to hike. Two of the hardest subject is put together within a period of 3 days. I feel like giving up already. Though, the thought of having 3 weeks of freedom pushes me to do my tutorials and read my notes again and again.

That comes with a price. The thought of holiday constantly pulls me to a wonderland, on what I`m going to do with them. What comes into my mind most of the time, is driving a new car going north. I might persuade my grandma to buy a new car just for that. Might as well as put my debating experience to 'good' use right.

I`m just joking. We intended to get a new car anyway. Just torn apart between choosing a Perodua MyVi or the new Proton Persona. Regardless, we won`t get it anytime soon though, there goes my happy,short-lived dream.

Back to studies. (I can still drive my Rusa van though :).... OI !! go back to studies laa!!) *runs.

Post -20yearsold- syndrome

Quote from a random BBC forumer.

The answer is for someone to announce that the largest source of oil ever found lies within Burma. Immediately you will see an American lead coalition take note and march in to "correct the problem". This will be under the clever disguise of bringing peace and democracy to an obviously uncivilised nation.



Even 1 month after my birthday, I can barely accept that I`m 20. And no one really knows I am anyway.

That was until....

'Someone' nudge me on msn and call me... Oi Abang!!!

I dono whether to be sad to be reminded that I`m old.

Or be happy that someone actually thinks I`m old.


2 down 3 more to go.

My room`s a little cleaner, now with all the mathematics references thrown away. I just realized that the last mathematic paper I took was the last mathematics paper I`ll take. (provided I don`t fail it). Sigh... and I make quite a number of mistakes there.

3 more papers to go. I`m looking forward for the microprocessor exam. It is one of the most interesting subject I took since computer programming. Since I might have to conduct a workshop for this particular topic next semester, I better do well in the exam.

But those aside. I sort of in a mood to travel. I don`t usually travel just for fun. Had enough just going for tournament. Though, this holidays, I want to go somewhere. Anywhere. If possible, take the car and just drive. If I were to go north, I can go to Ipoh, and then to Penang. If I were to go south, I can pass by Malacca and Johor and then head to Singapore.

I have ideas, but I need opinions. Even more important, I need people to travel along. Preferably, someone adventurous enough, (so he/she won`t freak out if we got lost and reach Kelantan instead....and then overstay for days.

Just a fancy idea though. :) If anyone interested, please holler.
(do vote on the new poll at the bottom of the side bar)

Youtube is evil

The obsession that comes with it, that is. This is especially bad in times of exam. Been looking at videos after videos and I finally came to one, which got me watching it so many time, that I don`t want to close the window even after 2 days.

The description simply states; 'orgasmic hand explosion'. How more cool can that be.!

Some one get me the score... beg, steal, borrow!! please!!!!! (and please pass it to me AFTER the exams...)

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