3 weeks of holidays begins now.

I just realized that I`ve been spending the last half a month in the library studying (online/chatting, actually). Still, that`s a rather good progress in my 'effort' to study more. Though, whether that effort will reward at the end of the day, that`s a different story.

The last paper of my Gamma year, Semester 1 ended at approximately 11am. I`m quite happy that it`s not one of the papers that I`ll curse my ass off because of some fu*ked up mistake I did. Though, if only my coursework marks were higher.. I would have my mind at ease for the rest of the holidays.

Regardless, I`m going to make full use of my short holiday. I initially wanted to work, to supplement my spendings on late night suppers and travels. Though, that plan was foiled due to last minute decision. So, I suppose I can find other stuff to do for the next 25 days or so.. like sleep.

I celebrated my new-short-freedom at Havanah Cafe, which serves horrible cordon blue chicken, and at Pure Bar, which is insanely packed with familiar faces. One good thing being in Malacca is that, the town is so small, that you don`t need to make prior arrangement to go to club.. You`ll find them there anyway. I`ve met no less than 20 different people from different groups at Pure Bar today, and I got introduced to their friends, which I really don`t bother to know their names. That makes 50+ ppl I met today.

The bad thing is that, you`ll meet people you don`t want to meet too. Like one asshole...which.. nvm. Forget that.

Still, it was a good night, of cuz, with the help of Malibu Pineapple, Tequila Sunrise, Barleys, Margarita and some beers. Cheers :)

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