2 down 3 more to go.

My room`s a little cleaner, now with all the mathematics references thrown away. I just realized that the last mathematic paper I took was the last mathematics paper I`ll take. (provided I don`t fail it). Sigh... and I make quite a number of mistakes there.

3 more papers to go. I`m looking forward for the microprocessor exam. It is one of the most interesting subject I took since computer programming. Since I might have to conduct a workshop for this particular topic next semester, I better do well in the exam.

But those aside. I sort of in a mood to travel. I don`t usually travel just for fun. Had enough just going for tournament. Though, this holidays, I want to go somewhere. Anywhere. If possible, take the car and just drive. If I were to go north, I can go to Ipoh, and then to Penang. If I were to go south, I can pass by Malacca and Johor and then head to Singapore.

I have ideas, but I need opinions. Even more important, I need people to travel along. Preferably, someone adventurous enough, (so he/she won`t freak out if we got lost and reach Kelantan instead....and then overstay for days.

Just a fancy idea though. :) If anyone interested, please holler.
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Anonymous 10:10 PM  

actually i will be going on a trip to ipoh on the 20 this month planning to spend a few days there.

Alex 10:26 PM  

cool... who are you going with :)what do u plan to do there

Anonymous 12:28 AM  

if i dont have tests and trials breathing down my neck, and classes to attend, i will go. Just too bad. But sounds fun tho! hehe


Anonymous 1:02 AM  

i seriously haven't think of the sight-seeing yet, just follow the flow i guess. going with a cf junior

Alex 1:21 AM  

haha. Terri! ur now on my 'must-invite' list.

Sully, must plan properly.. I haven`t count around Ipoh before. Lol. Can`t wait to do so. :)

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