I was 17 years old when I first entered MMU. I notice there was a piano at Main Hall. Though, there`s one problem. The hall is always locked.

One day, I saw one guy playing the piano. He`s an SRC exco from Cyberjaya campus,who came down for a meeting.. He thought me how to get in the main hall at night, just like what he did when he spent his foundation year here. It was simple, find the back door, get in when no one`s looking.

It worked for while during my foundation year, then the guards locked the back door too. I`ve never went in at night ever since.

Yesterday, for some unknown reason, I secretly unlock the back door during the day when some technicians opened the hall to arrange the tables for an exam. At night, I decided to test my luck. With two other people, we sneaked into main hall.

It was fun, until the guards found out and chased us out. Lol. Still, we had 2 hours. Damm, now I`m sure back door are even more secured.

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