It was one of those simple and nice celebration.With no expectations, every single thing seems like a good one. Well, of cuz, that doesn`t include tire puncture and stolen helmet :P

Yesterday, Adelene and I went out for a movie, Secret. I love it so much, that I`ve been obsess with it every since. It was sweet in the beginning, then it got a little spooky, and extremely sad at the end. I was searching the whole net for the piano pieces played in that movie, found a few, but not the main piece entitle 'Secret'.

Among the presents I received for my bday,

Chocolates from Jessie. :)
A new wallet, belt and 6 slices of cake from Adelene :)
T shirts from my cousin and my aunt :)
Spongebob cup from my sis :)
Nuggets from Jing En : )
Ice Tea from Suria :P

and 'Secret' piano score from a total stranger.

They say good things happen on your birthday. I might just believe that :)

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