Piano guy?

It`s funny really when some random ppl address you as the 'piano guy'. Just so happen that they saw me playing the piano in the main hall.

Fact is, I`ve been sneaking into Main Hall quite often lately. I had no idea why the sudden obsession with playing the piano. I can`t stop. I skip class, cut short my meal time, refuse to do my assignment just to play piano. Even when there isn`t one, I just look at the scores sheets and tap my fingers on the board.

I played up to 4 hours on a couple of days. I don`t think I`ve played that long since my concert at 2005. And my fingers and arm actually hurts from overplaying. Lol... which is quite a funny thing. (ever heard of a finger cramp?)

The good thing is, I think, I repeat, think, that my piano skills improved a little. I was quite surprise myself when I sight read an entire song and got it right on my first try. Though it`s probably only a grade 5 song, I`ve always went off on timing and hitting the wrong keys.

I can match people with songs. When I play a particular song, I can always relate to a certain people/ or a group of people. Like, the first time I had played piano in front of a group of friend, the song was fur elise. Khoo Jan Sen and Andrew played the same song at the same time also.

Marriage D'amour, my aunt, cuz I heard this song for the first time, played by her.
Canon. Aqtar when he pass me the scores and Wen Yi, duet the song with her before knowing her.
The Witness Concert. Sophia, my music partner.

and a whole bunch of songs and people. Maybe I should start dedicating each new song I learn to someone different :)

Oh ya, and I met the girls who passed me the song 'secret' again. Here`s a picture of them.

It`s quite nice to have companies of the same interest. Only problem is that there`s only one piano. Well, practice for duets I suppose.

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