The past few days.

I`m back. The last week end seems to last like forever. Yet, when we were rushing for the assignment, eternity doesn`t seems to be enough.

*chan fai posing.

*hong`s messed up apartment

I love projects. Especially one that involves programming, circuits and mechanisms. The sleepness night, the stress, the frustration, yes, it`s torturous. But when you finally complete the task (provided everything`s functioning), you can`t help but smilling and congratulating yourself for a job well done.

*looks simple, but we went through hell to complete it.

What I`m really happy though, is that my luck seems to be a little better. Even when I drop the circuit, a led which doesn`t function b4, starts functioning. The guards seem especially nice to me when I requested the hall to be open, then don`t even ask the reason and just open it for me.

On another note, class seems to be rather empty. 2 weeks to finals, everyone begin skipping their last few classes. A class of 200 shrink to about 30 people. Though, the worst was today.Only 5 people remained for the last class of Engineering Maths 3.

*welcome to University classes.

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