Happy Birthday, to me?

For various reasons, I don`t really look forward to my birthday. Of cuz, there are good food, and ang paos...... but most of the years, the horrible things just outweighs the good ones.

1 hour pass 12 am. Nothing much went wrong, except my tired puncture just a couple of hours ago. So, I`m sitting down in my room,reflecting, what have I done within 20 years.

And surprisingly, I couldn`t come out with one good thing that I`ll be proud of. Having not contributed anything for my family, friends or society, I felt like I`m a waste of space. 20 years of using scarce resources that could very well benefit someone else more deserving.

Another year gone by. Another wasted year. 20, is already more than enough for me.


Althras 10:59 AM  

What's with all the self loathing dude...

Clairine 7:37 PM  

Hey! Tried calling you to wish you Happy Birthday but you didn't answer your phone. Anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I'll just wish you here then. Have a great one :) God bless!

Alex 1:55 AM  

you called!!!!!!! how come my phone didn`t ring!! curse curse curse my stupid phone. :( :( :( :( :( :( thanks a lot for your wish though. I nearly thought u forgotten all about it..

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