Examination - Sem 3. Day 1

1 paper down, 5 more to go.

In my so called 'preparation' for exam, I took it as an excuse not to do any other work. Such as cleaning my room and washing my cloths. As a result, my room now become so messed up, that my mum will definitely freak up if she see`s this.

(and then she`ll proceed to clean the room... hee. I wish)

Someone, clean my room!!!... hints.


Adel 12:56 PM  

hmmm dun look at me, coz if I clean ur room, it will only last for one day, the next day it will pile up with papers and rubbish. :P:P Maybe i should ask helena to show this to ur mum so that she'll come down and clean for u :P:P

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