Approximately midnight, all the lights went out. There was a sudden blackout affecting half of Bukit Beruang.

Instinctively, I almost scream. The first thing that comes to my mind, MY ASSIGNMENT!!!! NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I spent the past 3 hours doing it. But wait, it`s still bright. The screen is still on. I forgot that I`ve been using my laptop since my computer spoiled. The switch and uses the battery in the absence of the power supply. I love my laptop :)

That doesn`t change the fact that it`s not freaking hot since fan`s not functioning anymore. Coincidently, Edo came back (with his car).. so Jessie and I plead him to go to McD, which opens 24 hours.

Hence, 15 minutes later, I`m at McD, with air conditioning, fries and coke. McD was packed! It seems everyone thought of the same thing and went to McD. It really look like a MMU student canteen. I saw my classmates, my robotics club members, some other random friends..... countless. Since drinks are free flow. Everyone remained there until the electricity`s back up again.

Hmmmmmm, seriously,a blackout wasn`t such a bad thing after all. Not when McD`s around :)

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