Back from Singapore

I was at Singapore for the weekend. Pretty much the same reason as all my other Sing trips. I was reluctant to go.... bah, I`m back anyway, so what`s the point of lamenting.

These are the things happened in Singapore.

-debated 4 rounds. - and one of them are absolutely horrible

-club at Attica, by Clark Quay. - Fantastic place. And the best part is, I club with a couple of UiTM people, who goes in to dance but doesn't drink. So I had Black Label with Coke, Tequila with Orange juice, 2 Vodka with Lime, one Cranberry Vodka, and one Gin with Lemon.

- got a hangover the day after - which explains the horrible debate. bleh........

- walk from Singapore all the way across the causeway to Malaysia. - don`t even ask why.

Things that happened here while I`m in Singapore.

- A girl commit suicide at Ixora. - and her bf wants to do the same.

- Low had an accident- and he`s hospitalized.

I pray for my friends speedy recovery, and for the girl`s family and her bf to recover from the shock.

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