Examination - Sem 3. Day 1

1 paper down, 5 more to go.

In my so called 'preparation' for exam, I took it as an excuse not to do any other work. Such as cleaning my room and washing my cloths. As a result, my room now become so messed up, that my mum will definitely freak up if she see`s this.

(and then she`ll proceed to clean the room... hee. I wish)

Someone, clean my room!!!... hints.

2 weeks of nightmare starts tomorrow

Exams starts tomorrow. With so much procrastination, I doubt I`ll be able to complete my preparation for the papers.

Though, for some reason, I think my world have expanded beyond examinations. Looking at what the Burmese are going through, I felt like we are just some privileged buggers who have the luxury to whine about exams.

We pray that the issue will resolve with minimal casualties. I seriously doubt that the military junta will back down. But this IS the last measure of peaceful means to push for a change. If this don`t work, then the only option it seems, will be a bloody one.

Mooncake Festival.

Possibly the 'saddest' one I ever had.

I didn`t realised it was so soon, therefore, didn`t make any preparation for it whatsoever. Usually, I would have called people over for a bbq, hang lanterns and be merry and gay.

A last minute attempt to invite ppl ended up with 4 person. No food, and not even a lighter to lit up the candle. We had to rely on cooking gas to lit up the first candle.

Barely 15 minutes, after we manage to lit the 2nd lantern, it rained. We moved indoor and lit another few more before deciding it`s just too lame.

Sigh... we`re probably too old for this anyway. Happy Mooncake Festival

Back :)

I`m back from Singapore. I don`t have pictures to offer you this time because my card reader choose to malfunction at this time.

The trip was quite enjoyable. Stayed at Sheraton Hotel :) Comfy comforters and superb breakfast.

Watching the debates during quarters, semi and finals was quite fun, with teams from Oxford and Cambridge making it to the top (though lost to Singaporean teams..bleh)

I don`t really feel like updating much. Primarily due to the pressure of the upcoming exam, approximately 5 days away. Also because some people (yes, both of you) finds me blogging to be quite a joke for some reason. Well, whatever. (with an Indian accent)

I really need to study :(

1 week more to go

Finals starts in a weeks time. I haven`t really start studying. Yet, I`m leaving for Singapore tomorrow.

Attended 4 hours of meeting today. I thought I`ve restrain myself from becoming involve in club administration.... sigh. I need to start studying..... motivate me.


I`m at singapore now... even less time to study.. .sigh.. what am I doing.


I was 17 years old when I first entered MMU. I notice there was a piano at Main Hall. Though, there`s one problem. The hall is always locked.

One day, I saw one guy playing the piano. He`s an SRC exco from Cyberjaya campus,who came down for a meeting.. He thought me how to get in the main hall at night, just like what he did when he spent his foundation year here. It was simple, find the back door, get in when no one`s looking.

It worked for while during my foundation year, then the guards locked the back door too. I`ve never went in at night ever since.

Yesterday, for some unknown reason, I secretly unlock the back door during the day when some technicians opened the hall to arrange the tables for an exam. At night, I decided to test my luck. With two other people, we sneaked into main hall.

It was fun, until the guards found out and chased us out. Lol. Still, we had 2 hours. Damm, now I`m sure back door are even more secured.

The past few days.

I`m back. The last week end seems to last like forever. Yet, when we were rushing for the assignment, eternity doesn`t seems to be enough.

*chan fai posing.

*hong`s messed up apartment

I love projects. Especially one that involves programming, circuits and mechanisms. The sleepness night, the stress, the frustration, yes, it`s torturous. But when you finally complete the task (provided everything`s functioning), you can`t help but smilling and congratulating yourself for a job well done.

*looks simple, but we went through hell to complete it.

What I`m really happy though, is that my luck seems to be a little better. Even when I drop the circuit, a led which doesn`t function b4, starts functioning. The guards seem especially nice to me when I requested the hall to be open, then don`t even ask the reason and just open it for me.

On another note, class seems to be rather empty. 2 weeks to finals, everyone begin skipping their last few classes. A class of 200 shrink to about 30 people. Though, the worst was today.Only 5 people remained for the last class of Engineering Maths 3.

*welcome to University classes.

I`m glad.

It`s 3.45am

I`ve been programming and debugging circuits and codes for the past 72 hours.

It`s done.

I`m happy.

I`m off to sleep.

Mini Robotics Tournament

After attending 4 workshops, the last task before completion is to compete in a mini tourney.
We`ve to make a simple robot. Really simple one.

It`s basically a remote control car, which doesn`t really look like a car. Cost quite a lot, for a piece of crap like that. Though, it got us up 1st runners up.All thanks to our group leader who made almost the entire robot single handedly. I was the operator. Hee, so I get to toy around with it for 5 matches :)

It was fun though.... might upload the videos of the tourney... if ppl`re interested :)


Approximately midnight, all the lights went out. There was a sudden blackout affecting half of Bukit Beruang.

Instinctively, I almost scream. The first thing that comes to my mind, MY ASSIGNMENT!!!! NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I spent the past 3 hours doing it. But wait, it`s still bright. The screen is still on. I forgot that I`ve been using my laptop since my computer spoiled. The switch and uses the battery in the absence of the power supply. I love my laptop :)

That doesn`t change the fact that it`s not freaking hot since fan`s not functioning anymore. Coincidently, Edo came back (with his car).. so Jessie and I plead him to go to McD, which opens 24 hours.

Hence, 15 minutes later, I`m at McD, with air conditioning, fries and coke. McD was packed! It seems everyone thought of the same thing and went to McD. It really look like a MMU student canteen. I saw my classmates, my robotics club members, some other random friends..... countless. Since drinks are free flow. Everyone remained there until the electricity`s back up again.

Hmmmmmm, seriously,a blackout wasn`t such a bad thing after all. Not when McD`s around :)


For not studying. Final`s two weeks away.

For not completing my assignment. Someone else did it instead.

For not contributing much to my robotics team, I only did the simple programing.

For not cleaning my house since I moved in 2 years ago. My housemates do the cleaning all the time.

For not being able to motivate my team mates when I needed to.

For being a total failure.

Piano guy?

It`s funny really when some random ppl address you as the 'piano guy'. Just so happen that they saw me playing the piano in the main hall.

Fact is, I`ve been sneaking into Main Hall quite often lately. I had no idea why the sudden obsession with playing the piano. I can`t stop. I skip class, cut short my meal time, refuse to do my assignment just to play piano. Even when there isn`t one, I just look at the scores sheets and tap my fingers on the board.

I played up to 4 hours on a couple of days. I don`t think I`ve played that long since my concert at 2005. And my fingers and arm actually hurts from overplaying. Lol... which is quite a funny thing. (ever heard of a finger cramp?)

The good thing is, I think, I repeat, think, that my piano skills improved a little. I was quite surprise myself when I sight read an entire song and got it right on my first try. Though it`s probably only a grade 5 song, I`ve always went off on timing and hitting the wrong keys.

I can match people with songs. When I play a particular song, I can always relate to a certain people/ or a group of people. Like, the first time I had played piano in front of a group of friend, the song was fur elise. Khoo Jan Sen and Andrew played the same song at the same time also.

Marriage D'amour, my aunt, cuz I heard this song for the first time, played by her.
Canon. Aqtar when he pass me the scores and Wen Yi, duet the song with her before knowing her.
The Witness Concert. Sophia, my music partner.

and a whole bunch of songs and people. Maybe I should start dedicating each new song I learn to someone different :)

Oh ya, and I met the girls who passed me the song 'secret' again. Here`s a picture of them.

It`s quite nice to have companies of the same interest. Only problem is that there`s only one piano. Well, practice for duets I suppose.

Being Lucky

If you ever wondered what middle age unmarried lecturer do during their free time,

-they think of ways to make students life miserable.-


*my fluid assignment rules and reg. (yea, he actually make rules and regulations)

EME1026 Fluid Mechanics: Chapter 3 assignment guidelines

1. This is a description of Chapter 3 assignment. Hereafter it will be referred to as the
“Assignment”. Assignment contributes five (5) marks towards the total marks of this

2. The objective of the Assignment is to solve problems in Chapter 8 (Pipe Flow) of the
textbook. Apart from this, the Assignment also trains the students to work as a team,
learn to communicate with teammates, and to develop leadership capability.

3. Therefore, the Assignment is a group assignment, where each group consists of six
(6) members.

4. A situation may arise where the number of students of one group cannot be six
because the total number of students in class is not divisible by six. This will be an
exception but there will be only one group with such exception.

5. Among the members, one member becomes the leader of the group. The selection of
leader is solely the decision of the group. Lecturers or other groups does not involve
in this decision making process.

6. The leader must register his/her group members with Mr.XXX from 3-5 Sep. During
registration, the leader must be able to write down six members (including leader)
without delay. The only exception is the last group as mentioned above.

7. The questions to be answered will be announced on 3 Sep in MMLS.

8. The assessment of Assignment is not done through the submission of answers in
hardcopy. Rather, it is done through an interview to be held in Mr.XXX office. The
interviewer is Mr. XXX..The date of interview is 13 Sep.

~~~~~~~up to here it`s all fine... but now it gets really weird!~~~~~~~~~~

9. Only one member from each group attends the interview. The interviewee is decided
by “lucky draw”, which will be done on 10 Sep during lecture. There will also be
another lucky draw made to determine the interview time. The leader will not be the

10. During the interview, the interviewee is asked to make one “lucky draw” to pick one
question number. Then the interviewee must show all the calculations of the picked

11. The interviewee can pre-prepare the calculations, or do it on the spot. The interviewee
can also bring any materials (lecture notes, textbook, etc) that may help. In other
words, it is an open book interview.

12. The interviewer may also ask questions about the solutions presented, and the
member must answer them.

13. Assessment will be based on the performance while answering the questions, as well
as the calculations presented to the interviewer. At the end of the interview, marks
will not be disclosed to the interviewee yet.

14. A few days after the interview, the leader will be asked to meet the interviewer. It will
be a one-to-one meeting. The meeting date will be announced later.

15. During the meeting, the interviewer discloses the marks obtained for the group.

16. The leader then decides the individual marks for each member based on the group
mark, including the leader oneself.

17. The simplest method to decide the individual marks is to give all members the same
mark equal to the group mark.

18. However, there is another method to decide individual marks, using an example as

19. A group obtains 3 marks. The leader can give the following marks to the members:

Member Marks
Member 1 0
Member 2 2
Member 3 3
Member 4 4
Member 5 4
Member 6 5
Average 3

20. The rules are: (a) the average mark must be the same as the group mark; (b) the marks
must be round numbers not exceeding five.

21. The leader does not need to explain the reason or rationale of his/her own decision.
As shown above, the leader can give zero or five marks to the members. Of course,
there are various factors a leader can take into account while deciding individual
marks like uncooperative members, hardworking members, etc.

22. A leader has to be professional and objective while deciding the individual marks.

23. It is the leader’s responsibility to announce the individual marks to the members. If
the leader’s decision is not fair from the members stand, members can make a protest.

24. A protest can be made with all members (excluding leader) required to present
themselves in Mr. XXX’s office. Protest is not valid if any members are absent.
Representatives are also not allowed.

25. The suitable date and time for protests will be announced later.

26. During the protest, the members must submit a letter (e-mail not accepted), giving out
reasons, as well as detailed and specific incidents that may enhance the validity of the
protest. All members must sign the letter.

27. If the protest is accepted, the members can propose a new set of individual marks. If
accepted, these new marks will be the finalised marks.

28. Leaders cannot protest or appeal against this decision.

~~~~~he`s even 'thoughtful' enough to give advice~~~~~

1. A leader may have “escaped” interview, but the actual job is to make good decision.

2. Form a team that you can work with, and pick a good leader.

3. It is time to be matured in every decision you make or every thing you do.

4. Help each other while preparing for the interview, especially if a weak student is


Tell me he have no life.

Oh ya, I`m the one selected for the interview.. hence the license to grumble...

whines whines whines......

Back from Singapore

I was at Singapore for the weekend. Pretty much the same reason as all my other Sing trips. I was reluctant to go.... bah, I`m back anyway, so what`s the point of lamenting.

These are the things happened in Singapore.

-debated 4 rounds. - and one of them are absolutely horrible

-club at Attica, by Clark Quay. - Fantastic place. And the best part is, I club with a couple of UiTM people, who goes in to dance but doesn't drink. So I had Black Label with Coke, Tequila with Orange juice, 2 Vodka with Lime, one Cranberry Vodka, and one Gin with Lemon.

- got a hangover the day after - which explains the horrible debate. bleh........

- walk from Singapore all the way across the causeway to Malaysia. - don`t even ask why.

Things that happened here while I`m in Singapore.

- A girl commit suicide at Ixora. - and her bf wants to do the same.

- Low had an accident- and he`s hospitalized.

I pray for my friends speedy recovery, and for the girl`s family and her bf to recover from the shock.


It was one of those simple and nice celebration.With no expectations, every single thing seems like a good one. Well, of cuz, that doesn`t include tire puncture and stolen helmet :P

Yesterday, Adelene and I went out for a movie, Secret. I love it so much, that I`ve been obsess with it every since. It was sweet in the beginning, then it got a little spooky, and extremely sad at the end. I was searching the whole net for the piano pieces played in that movie, found a few, but not the main piece entitle 'Secret'.

Among the presents I received for my bday,

Chocolates from Jessie. :)
A new wallet, belt and 6 slices of cake from Adelene :)
T shirts from my cousin and my aunt :)
Spongebob cup from my sis :)
Nuggets from Jing En : )
Ice Tea from Suria :P

and 'Secret' piano score from a total stranger.

They say good things happen on your birthday. I might just believe that :)

Happy Birthday, to me?

For various reasons, I don`t really look forward to my birthday. Of cuz, there are good food, and ang paos...... but most of the years, the horrible things just outweighs the good ones.

1 hour pass 12 am. Nothing much went wrong, except my tired puncture just a couple of hours ago. So, I`m sitting down in my room,reflecting, what have I done within 20 years.

And surprisingly, I couldn`t come out with one good thing that I`ll be proud of. Having not contributed anything for my family, friends or society, I felt like I`m a waste of space. 20 years of using scarce resources that could very well benefit someone else more deserving.

Another year gone by. Another wasted year. 20, is already more than enough for me.

2 weeks worth of pictures....

A photo summary of what happen for the past two weekends.
Cyber-Pre Food Festival.

equals = loads and loads of food.

But the one that sells best I believe is.......

The Sushi Shop!!!!! Their deco owns too.

Here`s another simple but brilliant business. Just plain old coke....

Don`t even need to prepare any good. Just pour and pour and money keeps pouring in.

Debate Camp

equals = .......

...party at the children`s pool..

with gin and vodka.. what if those alcohol mixed with the pool water and children actually drinks it. gasp.. I`m promoting underage drinking.


= is when you eat satay celup a little too much.

40 sticks and 3 cups of water all by myself.

The trip to the bank.

was really really scary..

when you`re walking about carrying RM 13200 in cash.
p.s (am I allowed to post such picture online? I remember must mask the picture with the word 'contoh' on the paper money)

The trip back home.

was horrible and tiring. Most of the tickets were sold out (read the blue paper in the picture "semua laluan tiket habis dijual. 29/08/07 - 02/09/07)

and even the ktm have superbly long queue. L
ucky me, I gatal bought a touch and go card 2 months ago. Even though it has no value inside, I can still go through so I can pay on my way out directly to the attendant. Heeeee

On Merdeka`s Eve

We play with Nick`s housemate`s rabbit. So adorable.. and smelly. but adorable.... but smelly also... but...

The blur picture of Putrajaya lake, jam packed with people.

Me and Pei Nee. I like the fact that I look significantly taller in this picture. Heeee!! Happy.

And that`s that... phew.. what a looooong week. Glad it was nice though :)

That dreadful day....

72 hours countdown.

It`s not happening............. I`m old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This space is my simple escape from the harsh reality. Expect lots of random rants and whining apart from the daily reporting of things going I`m going through.

Take nothing seriously, leave comments, or just a simple hi. The world is getting smaller by the day, why not know each other now. Have fun ya all.