2 weeks worth of pictures....

A photo summary of what happen for the past two weekends.
Cyber-Pre Food Festival.

equals = loads and loads of food.

But the one that sells best I believe is.......

The Sushi Shop!!!!! Their deco owns too.

Here`s another simple but brilliant business. Just plain old coke....

Don`t even need to prepare any good. Just pour and pour and money keeps pouring in.

Debate Camp

equals = .......

...party at the children`s pool..

with gin and vodka.. what if those alcohol mixed with the pool water and children actually drinks it. gasp.. I`m promoting underage drinking.


= is when you eat satay celup a little too much.

40 sticks and 3 cups of water all by myself.

The trip to the bank.

was really really scary..

when you`re walking about carrying RM 13200 in cash.
p.s (am I allowed to post such picture online? I remember must mask the picture with the word 'contoh' on the paper money)

The trip back home.

was horrible and tiring. Most of the tickets were sold out (read the blue paper in the picture "semua laluan tiket habis dijual. 29/08/07 - 02/09/07)

and even the ktm have superbly long queue. L
ucky me, I gatal bought a touch and go card 2 months ago. Even though it has no value inside, I can still go through so I can pay on my way out directly to the attendant. Heeeee

On Merdeka`s Eve

We play with Nick`s housemate`s rabbit. So adorable.. and smelly. but adorable.... but smelly also... but...

The blur picture of Putrajaya lake, jam packed with people.

Me and Pei Nee. I like the fact that I look significantly taller in this picture. Heeee!! Happy.

And that`s that... phew.. what a looooong week. Glad it was nice though :)

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