Settlers of Catan - National Pre-Lims

*spider pig, spider pig,
does whatever a spider pig can....
-from the Simpsons-

Gah....It`s stuck in my head.... I even sings it subconsciously.

For no reason at all, I joined this the National Pre-Lims. Funny how they actually have world championship for such a simple game. It`s like having world championship for a Monopoly game.

Nevertheless, since I was free today (yea, at the expense of missing a debate tournament), I told QJ that I would be playing.

The first round wasn`t that nice of a game. I have one player randomly trades with anyone, one player who plays for the fun of it, one player plays to make sure I lose. I suppose any game will only be fun if people play to win. Just like Cho Tai Teem (big 2), if one player plays just to make another person win, it makes the game really mess up, and pisses everyone off. (But in that game, the one that does so will end up playing for everyone losses :P )

Anyway, I won the first game, narrowly. Proceeding to the finals, I went against Amran, Sujj and Alex Liew. I lost in this round. It`s one game that I couldn't complain, since the only thing that went against me was bad luck. I did whine after not getting any resources for the last 20 minutes of the game, till someone got annoyed and I quickly shut up.

It was a nice game though. A decent way to spend a weekend. If only there are no exams and assignments :)

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