Negarakuku by NameWEe

It`s been a week since this issue was brought up by the media. There were a lot of hoo-haa about it. Many things had happen since, from him being interview by Taiwan broadcaster, to our own cabinet rejecting his apology

Initially, I thought this was just another dumb chinese voicing out his dissatisfaction to the way things are running in this country. His songs doesn't hurt nor disgust me. If at all, I find it rather entertaining. (take away the lyrics, it was one hell of a good Negaraku)

But the closure that follows really freaks me out. Having debated internet censorship over and over again, I can easily recite the argument for side of the motion. Personally, I thought 50 years into the establishment of this country, people are very well, matured. And no way in hell, that a simple article, or a simple video would turn an average reasonable person to a racist.

I was so wrong. (unfortunately, there wasn`t many average reasonable person to begin with). Reading the comment by our very own people (and please!! I mean MALAYSIANS.. and not just Chinese) clearly shows how fragile our society actually is. Reading on gives me shivers. The only thing I get from there is Chinese flaming that the Malays are lazy pigs, and Malays saying Chinese should just go back to China, and a significant amount actually talk about killing all the Chinese.

Never before..... have I been so afraid to be a Malaysian... and to be at Malaysia.

Though one question rings, will they be any hope left, at all? The answer lies within this generation. True enough, those of the past, those who been true May 13, those who been true all the conflict, whether it`s the Chinese who had to contend with the Malay special privileges, or whether it`s the Malay who had to give up their lands and accept foreigners as citizens, we cannot expect those of the past to just accept everything.

But just like how that entrench hatred of the Chinese from my grandmother`s generation towards the Japanese, is now, no longer seen in our youth today.... we hope one day, all hatred and bias towards each races in Malaysia would be gone as well.

*Namewee, that was indeed a superb video. Though, if you ever get into trouble because of that, kinda serve you right. There are a certain leeway for making jokes but crossing the line of insulting other religion and race.... that`s one step too far.


Archmagus 10:47 PM  

Everyone hated the japs at that time, which is probably why we got independance in the 1st place because the japs represented a common foe to unite against.

Now that the crisis has passed, humans still need an object of hate, so they turn towards each other, and the Americans of course

Hope, is a denial of reality

The world will only continue its downward spiral to oblivion

Alex 12:58 AM  

sigh... certainly seems so.

Anonymous 3:33 PM  

i am malay....i love all of my chinse frenz..dun go back to china...pliz...=(

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